Flow Bee
Jan 8

Gayle said her lawyer tried to tell her to take it off before the interview and she refused.

Dec 23

You got all of that from me basically saying “Millennials especially are going to love this movie?” Why so sensitive/literal?

Dec 21

Saw it one month ago, probably the #1 or #2 film released this year. It’s going to be extremely popular with women 40 and under.

Dec 18

Right. This isn’t a “white female celebrity” problem, it’s a “this entire current wave of feminism” problem.

Dec 17

The black man vs white woman wins quote exposes the false scarcity of opportunities created when minorities are pitched against each other. Read more

Nov 24

Congressman Preston Brooks famously beat Senator Charles Sumner nearly to death with a cane in the Senate chamber for making a speech criticizing slavery and slaveholders. The blood from the attack still stained the marble floor well into the 90s, I believe.

Nov 21

I do not agree with the growing progressive notion that actors should only play themselves and if a role doesn’t encompass your identity 100% it’s problematic to take it. It’s silly and defeats the purpose of...acting.

Oct 12

White Americans like to project their racism onto societies of the past despite ample evidence this was not the case.

Oct 11

It was a thing one random day on Twitter when some progressive writer discovered old John Wayne interviews.

Sep 25

I’ve been thinking about this article since RBG died. Part of evaluating how we got here involves the left, feminists especially, looking in the mirror.
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Sep 22

You’re both wrong. Sotomayor, an Obama appointee, was significantly to RBG’s left.

Sep 20

Millennial progressives are fucking ignorant as all hell and their schtick is past annoying and tired at this point.

Sep 2

“ If Candace Owens had a baby with Boyce Watkins and gave it up for adoption to Skip Bayless, Whitlock would eat that baby before it reached toddlerhood just to make sure it didn’t take his spot on the Caucasian cheerleading team.” Read more

Aug 5

Actually, that was a pro-suffrage argument. “Let [white] women have the vote because it’ll just be another vote like their husbands.” And as this article points out, that has largely been borne out since white women got the vote.

Jul 16

The fact you feel inspired to ask the question is proof that no, we are not.

Jul 10

That’s not whataboutism. Explain why a 21 year gap between a man and woman is bad but a 32 year gap between two women isn’t. Is it because women are automatically at a mental disadvantage when opposite men?

Jun 9

I thought that I addressed this part when I said that white people shouldn’t say the word, but to be clearer, no it’s not okay for whites to say the word even when singing a song. Be that as it may, I find it hard to get “outraged” that one did so four years ago.