To anyone questioning if it’s legit: try it! Most Pole studios are safe and professional spaces with instructors who care for the students and make sure they’re practicing safely. I’ve been to some studios where they offer exotic classes, but those are more supplemental classes for those who want to explore that side Read more

I was totally going to say this. Right now is really, really, not the time to try to redeem yourself Chris. Or try to appear like hey i’m just a regular guy who beat one girlfriend and has a restraining order with the next girlfriend. Not ok. Read more

Posted this too! Everyone needs to read Beauty Queens. Read more

I came to the comments hoping someone else had already mentioned Bray’s novel. Not only do the young women succeed lightyears beyond boarding school boys, they also explicitly address the ways in which women and girls are pitted against each other in contemporary society. The satire and absurdist elements might be a Read more

I just read it. What an amazing book!! Read more

Or another British/Irish tale never told on film: Anne Bonny and Mary Read. One of the greatest pirate stories every told that is actually two real-life adventures colliding and then creating a third real-life adventure. Never been made into a movie because, you know, women. Read more

A Baba Yaga movie done right could be terrifying. Read more

He does but he was so good on P & R. God I miss that show. Read more

Don’t forget that he’s been so busy that he can’t be bothered with providing aid to Georgia, Alabama or Florida in the aftermath of a tornado. But definitely, allocate all resources into determining that his dick, I mean inauguration measures up to the women’s march and Obama’s inauguration. Read more

Was it an Illinois Nazi? I hate Illinois Nazis. Read more

“The upshot is that between 150 and 200 people will need to be resentenced, opening old wounds and costing taxpayers millions of dollars. You can thank Florida’s prosecutors for this situation.” Read more

Personally, and it is a unique understanding between a person and God, I am incredibly comforted by Octavia Spencer as the physical reflection of a supreme being. I shall go forward in my life thinking of her when I think of God. Sorry, Octavia, you knew the job was tough when you took it. Read more

Oh fucking hell. I adore my dog. I love her so, so much. She’s very much the only living being I truly love in this city (the other people and animals I love are elsewhere). I do use babytalk and call myself her mommy. But I never once forgot she’s a dog. She’s not a human child. She’s a beloved animal, who actually Read more

I always picture Trump’s Dr. as Dr. Spaceman when reading quotes. Read more

I have trouble jamming to a song about getting fucked so hard you can’t walk straight. That’s just not a sexy or romantic thing to me. Read more

shit I just had this exact same reaction Read more

Why would you point that out I had no idea that was Scott Baio WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME??? Read more

I actually love the version of “Cheap Thrills” that doesn’t have Sean “More dan Goiled” Paul in it. Read more

can’t for the life of me keep fifth harmony and little mix straight. just know who it is based on whether or not i see perrie edwards in the photo. Read more

The whole ‘Obama standing in front of a picture of himself pointing at himself in the mirror with 2 different color shirts on’ thing is kinda freaking me out, tbqh...
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