can Cruz be next?

For the second time in my life, I’m glad cancer exists. Read more

Yep, Today I Learned that getting the service you paid for is now Communism.
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Who are you, who are so wise in the ways of governmental science in Texas?
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So, they made their ERCOT, now they have to sleep in it.

I’ll see myself out. Read more

My heart goes out to the people of Texas.
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“Only the strong will survive and the weak will parish,” he wrote. Read more

Now if only Grover Norquist would return home to Satan too.

Do snowshoes come with bootstraps?
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What exactly does he think government is supposed to do? Just keep the streets free of Black people and collect kickbacks? Read more

For those of you that are, like me, in desperate need of some good news: Read more

Yet as a teenager I got pulled over constantly for having a 77 Cutlass because I had a Bass amp. Damned rednecks get away with murder. Read more

What makes an ash heap radical? Does it have to wear a cap backwards and do tricks on a skateboard?  Read more

I agree, and it should also apply to those towing anything, as a trailer combined with any vehicle towing it is longer than most trucks, and very few drivers actually have the ability to safely drive while towing something. First emergency, first fishtail, first load shift, and they are toast. The whole issue with CDL Read more

Its cause they have a thin blue line bumper sticker Read more

“It’ll be a cheap replica of an actual couch that gropes you!” Read more

I still refuse to believe that a Madison Cawthorne is an actual live human being that got elected to something and not a line of overpriced sectional couches from Restoration Hardware. Read more

Between him and my governor (Gregg Abbott) I’m really considering running for office on a “Make Ableist Jokes Not Offensive Again” platform.   Read more

I have to ask. Did he look in the mirror in the morning and specifically decide on that hair style?  The ‘fresh slice of brie’ look.
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