Is this still good Kinja? I’ve been away for a while. +1 frostbite. Read more

Ding! Ding! A winner every time! No blanks. Read more

Well my son is getting this soon (totally not me that wants this). Playmobil rules. Hasbro should hide in shame with their cardboard Star Wars playlets that cost the same as Playmobil’s sets. The Ecto1 was a masterpiece so I can’t wait to see this one. The best part is they make TONS of their toys so no scalping Read more

You and me both. My friends dad had some weird satellite unscrambler device that we watched it over; along with a TV remote on a long cord. I didn’t sleep well for weeks. Read more

As soon as I saw the Dark Saber I immediately had the idea that MAYBE (please, Dave and Jon, please), Sabine and Asohka may show up in Season 2. Asohka training Baby Yoda!?!? Squee!!! Read more

Sadly there aren’t enough commenters left here to give this as many stars as necessary. Read more

Yes. That’s it. Thanks for saying what I felt. +1. Read more

I’m sorry what was once a dream job ended so badly. Good luck wherever you land. Read more

I’m putting the snows on soon so that’s a good time to look. Read more

The thing I’ve always want to know is when to get new ones. I always think there is pad left and then a short time later I have grooved rotors. Is it a simple mileage calculation or something else? Read more

We just passed something similar here in Rochester. As soon as I saw the Locust Club (local police union named after the wood their clubs were once made of) freaking out about it, I knew it would be a good idea to vote yes. Yes, they have a tough job here, but no they don’t get to be above the law because of it.  Read more

Stick to ads!” -G/O Media Read more

Look at this shit.

Yep. Perfectly good organs going to waste (excluding the brain of course) that could help kind souls in need of transplants. Read more

Cool; though I’m sure I’ll still be in the grays there too. ;) Read more

+1 non-aggression pact with Stalin Read more

I would argue that the NFL is so carefully groomed and bleached so as to not irritate in any way it’s lowest common denominator fan, that the entire broadcast is a string of cliches.  Read more

Easy. If it was the Sabres’ net, it’s a goal. Read more

I’m glad these tacticool choads think none of the libtards will shoot back. Ignorance is bliss! Read more