Annie from the Grog Booth
Nov 5 2018

I love the idea that the greys will become some magical area where prolific comments will somehow not become a fucking circle jerk of calling people Tomato. This was done because of what you say: they have been TORCHED lately in the comments and the staff are a bunch fucking whiny baby shitheads who can't handle valid Read more

Oct 31 2018

The worst is reading through some of those replies and seeing people who I recall specifically saying they didn’t vote because they lived in a state that would swing one way or another so their “vote didn’t matter” and their reply makes it abundantly clear that Dino hit a nerve about people who choose not to vote and Read more

Sep 27 2018

An interesting detail everyone is glossing over. It was pretty obvious when Graham started literally wailing, Mitchell was no longer needed. And how the FUCK did not one of the dems press him about that particular calendar entry. he made such a big deal about the stupid calendar, and that entry fits the details of Read more

Sep 27 2018

The yelling by Brett is fucking insane and the emotional swings he's displaying when talking about his family--that shit is guilt and embarrassment, the little kid feeling of getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Fuck him. Fuck everything.

Sep 21 2018

the knots this guy has twisted himself into when he should just say he doesn't believe her has absolutely made my Friday morning delightful.