Annie from the Grog Booth

What’s sick? All of those women support him.

An interesting detail everyone is glossing over. It was pretty obvious when Graham started literally wailing, Mitchell was no longer needed. And how the FUCK did not one of the dems press him about that particular calendar entry. he made such a big deal about the stupid calendar, and that entry fits the details of Read more

The yelling by Brett is fucking insane and the emotional swings he's displaying when talking about his family--that shit is guilt and embarrassment, the little kid feeling of getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Fuck him. Fuck everything.

he is such a fucking piece of shit

because her opinions suck? yes, that is the reason.

the knots this guy has twisted himself into when he should just say he doesn't believe her has absolutely made my Friday morning delightful.

Also, bb, since youre lying now too, please address my comments about Mark Judge and the fairly well documented addictive behaviors of Bart O’Kav.

You dont believe her. Just say that.

The way Kinja threads things, I made a mistake. Have a wonderful weekend.

This all boils down to I think you’re a piece of shit for just not believing a woman who had the nerve to come forward and you have to go though fucking hoops to try and discredit that. Your claim of research is crap because we are all reading the same news. What special information do you have that validates Read more

It really isn't, but sure, side with the dude who knows the inside out details of the situation because he did 8 minutes of research.

blah blah im lazy bc I think you’re a piece of shit. cry me a river

Cite your sources, then. Like, I am actually pretty disgusted at the gymnastics you’re doing to try and twist this into, “the Democrats are reaching.” How the fuck do you know what she actually does know and remember? Do you really think she would tell the WaPo every little detail? You’re just as bad as every other Read more

This was delightful. Thanks!