Matthew Phillips
Oct 23 2017
A week in the SHO

Last Friday I made arrangements over the phone to drive an hour and 20 minutes from my current location with my

Aug 18 2017

It’s been a week since I traded my XJ for my Pacifica. My sable’s cooling system is collapsing on itself so I’m in

Aug 3 2017
whats your reason ?

I like to think myself an opportunist when it comes to cars, I seem to come across some pretty decent deals on

May 23 2017
I want a Toro

The Toro is the Cherokee Pickup I’ve always wanted... I also want that Clip on a Trailhawk...

Apr 18 2017
Project Panther P2

this past weekend I ended up pulling the carpet and seats to try and get rid of all the mold. when Forgecrownvictor