2/05/21 12:19PM

I get that we should adopt a combative attitude towards Democrats because they are meant to represent us, but...no. I absolutely blame Republicans for all this.

I’m really tried of people giving Republicans an out, like they’re some blameless fucking idiot. Like some of you guys sound outright mad that Democrats Read more

1/08/21 11:30AM

ditto. also not convinced about the degree of Karlie Kloss’s “political power”? we have developed such weird expectations for celebrities.

1/08/21 11:09AM

I was thinking the same thing - Gevinson is full of shit here. Kloss can’t make them do anything, and we have no idea what the relationship between her husband and his brother is like (given the shit that Jared Kushner’s dad got up to, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s not a lot of love lost). All she can do is take Read more

1/08/21 10:36AM

I call horseshit on Gevinson’s “sick burn.” I don’t have any strong feelings about Kloss as a celebrity in general, but as everyone has noted, Kloss is married to the non-evil brother, and as everyone has also noted, there’s jackshit you can do to change the mind of a true MAGA Kool-Aid drinker, family or not. She has Read more

12/24/20 12:12PM

It’s brutal. The history and their current treatment. Every few years Ottawa talks about reparations and reconciliation, then follows up by forcing another pipeline through indigenous lands that meets protest from it’s peoples. There’s a disproportionate number of disappeared indigenous people as well, mostly women, Read more

12/24/20 11:12AM

Read collections of Indigenous People’s creative nonfiction in class last semester. From their stories, the shit Canada pulls with their Native Peoples make the US look like amateurs. https://canadians.org/analysis/news-abandoned-gold-mine-threatens-great-slave-lake-nwt Read more

12/24/20 9:48AM

Oka was such a touchstone when I was growing up. The fucking military shot at women and children on behalf of a golf course! And that was in 1990!

12/24/20 9:14AM

Because membership in a tribe is a specific thing, controlled by tribal government, with actual criteria you have to meet. It’s not decided by family storytelling or dna tests. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with saying “my family always believed we were part Native” as long as you’re talking about the story Read more

12/24/20 7:27AM

White people claiming indigenous backgrounds after genociding them because it got romanticized decades after the genocide is always wrong, and you should be more curious about where you ACTUALLY come from if you actually care about your heritage. But oppressors stealing the identity of the oppressed is always fucked Read more

12/24/20 3:44AM

The things we’ve done to our aboriginal population up here are genuinely terrifying and they’re a hell of a lot closer to the modern day than we’d like to admit. Say what you will about what America does to its various non-white ethnic groups, Canada literally tried to wipe our First Nations communities out by Read more

12/24/20 12:28AM

Just to be clear, the “creator” of The Inconvenient Indian is Thomas King, acclaimed indigenous writer and broadcaster, who wrote the book on which this documentary is based...
Read more

12/14/20 9:31PM

Thank you. Was thinking the same. He does not deserve a header and full paragraphs...wtf is he

12/14/20 8:59PM

Truly cannot believe 15-20 years later, this is still a person I have to acknowledge.  He has been a racist, outing, all around asshole for that entire time with small feints towards “changing” and I hate that I still have to remember he exists every time he does the latest shitty thing.  Fuck this guy, please do not Read more

11/19/20 5:40PM

I’m sorry, but what needy, privileged BS to be so put out and annoyed by someone who dares to want to get you something you’d like or use. My mom asks us this same stuff every year, every year I tell her she doesn’t need to get us anything, but she wants to give us a gift. She will choose herself if I don’t give her Read more

11/19/20 5:26PM

Especially places like local food banks, animal shelters, etc. So many are hurting financially from the pandemic and could use the $25, $50 or whatever your relatives would spend on something you really don’t need or want.