12/24/20 12:39PM

Im American Indian (registered. just prefer to not name my clan) and I don't speak for everyone. Our main complaint is we feel tribes and clans should decide who is and isn't a member. But there is growing concern that some of our stolen children were adopted out to white families and wanted to pass on their identity. Read more

11/23/20 7:40PM

You should see the ones reacting to fat youtubers on failed weight loss journeys. The youtubers are awful people and all these reactors make video after video calling out the behavior, speculating on mental illnesses, cleanliness, sex lives or lack there of. And there are a ton of them! They’ve formed communities even Read more

10/29/20 5:59PM

He'll feel better after he gets a job and earns it. Begging will lower his self esteem.

10/15/20 12:20PM

I remember when I heard Roxanne Gay say that and it was a punch in the gut w how strongly that resonated w me!

10/15/20 12:19PM

A MEN! Plus they never ask jack black where he gets his confidence from!

10/07/20 4:19PM

But gay people can’t exist much less marry because Jesus. Lying lecherous Hypocrites.

9/22/20 1:56PM

No black friend would let your supposedly rich homie roll with cheap ass weaves! She needs a new hair stylist

8/17/20 12:49AM

That and legal troubles regarding taxes, fans copying and releasing content etc

8/12/20 1:36PM

Toxic Religions will start the “Sex is a Sin” brainwashing in the womb. It makes for messed up, unhappy people.

7/30/20 11:57AM

Im just mad. He drank the racist Kool Aid, let himself be paraded around as one of the good ones and now it killed him. Hiw many more did he take with him. His poor family.

6/23/20 4:27PM

That was a great part of the show, displaying her rigidity and self righteousness. She was still likeable as a main character. I skewed more towards Jane than any other character and Quinn was my favorite!.

6/22/20 3:51PM

I always wanted a show from her PoV. I loved how her struggles weren’t just race but class, family pressure etc I loved how her mom made Helen uncomfortable and loved that Jodie called Daria out too.

6/10/20 5:13PM

It might also be guilt of not taking Juanita Broderick seriously. And immediately buying the label of partisan plant.