Jan 6 2019

That’s because it is an mp4 (HTML5 video) rather than a gif. Luckily kinja makes gif copies, so change the extension and... bam:

Dec 5 2018

Goddammit another misleading headline: totally thought this was going to be a Mr. Robot style hijack and am disappointed it’s just workaday folks doing good things for strangers. Borrrring!

May 9 2018

I gotta admit, hating the Warriors makes a lot of sense but Draymond can dick kick my grandfather off a cliff and I’d still rather watch the Warriors than the fucking Rockets.

Apr 25 2018

The picture threw me for a minute because I was unaware of Michelle’s work, so I was shocked to learn that Patton Oswalt was a killer, then shocked that he was 72.

Mar 8 2018

Did that center think he was going to get called for goaltending? Because it looked like he would have been able to swat that ball all the way up to club level.

Oct 21 2017

Seriously, a black man can’t win, can he? Even when is is active in his kids lives he is doing it wrong. This guy raises his kids right (seriously, have you heard a peep about any of the Ball boys in any sort of trouble? have you heard a single complaint about Lonzo’s attitude?), takes care of his wife as she recovers Read more

Oct 10 2017

Stupid Diamondbacks, everyone knows the solution is to make the wall higher and make the Dodgers pay for it.