Jan 6 2019

Can someone repost the gif in comments so I can copy it. My phone not letting me rip the gif from the article. 

Nov 20 2017

What the fuck are you talking about? If it was a free kick, there would be no snap, and no defense rushing the kick

Jul 13 2017

Can’t star this enough. That entire year I felt 10 years old again and that is what sports is about

Jul 2 2017

I love how in this day and age with replay in every major sport and technological advancements, this dumb sport slogs on through the same shit. No wonder no one cares or watches. Better watch out Floyd..... 

Mar 18 2017

I don’t think Collins even saw it. He was making a motion and complaining that his players arm was being held on the way up.

Nov 26 2016

Since OT started on the 25, the tip of the ball only had to touch the 15, like at the goal line. The ball most certainly touched the 15

Sep 4 2016

I hope this is a joke or troll, but if not, the answer is because it's an extra point try. Not a fg. Up until last yr it was not even possible to return a kick for any pts in the NFL it was just a dead ball.