Dec 22 2016

Personal experience, friends, and counselors. Many of which have expressed their own outrage about Heard’s behavior. Keep pretending that you’re “calling me out” on something all you want. Heard’s behavior, inconsistent evidence, and stories are strange. She’d be dead if she was truly abused. She’s an anomaly.

Dec 22 2016

She would have actually had to have taken her evidence to court instead of People magazine in order to do that.

Dec 17 2016

I never once said that you couldn’t criticize Cho. But Cho’s actions are not the real issue. Telling a minority that you didn’t like how they responded to obvious cluelessness about racism is what privileged White people do to minimize the minority experience. You can no longer ignore them so you have to gaslight Read more

Dec 14 2016

She is also an abuser, she should get off her high horse and own her shit like she expects him to. It’s not so much: “yay, Depp!”, as is it is: “fuck this wife beater for not admitting what she did, while going on a hypocritical crusade against her own abuser”.

Nov 26 2016

Do you realize that this would make lying about rape the perfect crime? You can go to jail for lying under oath about a petty crime, but if you want to implicate an innocent person (in most cases a man) about a horrible crime that might send him to prison for a long time and has the potential to destroy his life, the Read more

Nov 25 2016

This kind of thing happens in Science (big S intended) all the time. I wouldn’t blame the doctor. It’s great that she came forward to admit her mistake in the first place. All Science is progressive and cumulative, and when it’s used in a court of law that can be both a benefit and a detriment.

Nov 25 2016

I think going after rape accusers with criminal charges would be a horrible precedent that would have a monstrous chilling effect on actual victims seeking justice.

Nov 13 2016

So wait, did something bad actually happen to you, or did you just jump into this article about real hatred with ‘I live next to some white people’.

Nov 13 2016

Nothing about that response was trollish. Your knee-jerking is not helpful and you owe the OP an apology.

Nov 12 2016

Trolls are what you call people that disagree with you. Go against the groupthink and you get censored and called a troll assuming you’re not bombarded with stupid comments of harassment that are not arguments that you’re wrong at all. Just another thing that led to Trump winning.

Nov 12 2016

In my experience with this site, when you say “troll” you mean anyone who has a opinion on this that is different from your own. Even if they are being civil, respectful and calm. People lie from time to time, for various reasons. Men can lie, women can lie, Christians can lie and Muslims can lie too. There are many Read more

Nov 12 2016

Thankfully I did the two seconds of research the author failed to do. The woman in this case admitted to making up the attack. Heck, she admitted it two days ago. Read more

Nov 12 2016

I’m glad she’s going to face some consequences for doing something this shitty. She’s made it harder for women who’ve actually been harassed like this to be believed—as though I didn’t worry enough already about hijab-wearing women in my family being targeted by Trumpites. Read more

Nov 9 2016

Y’all are ridiculous. Nobody took a gamble. White people voted for white supremacy, and it won.

Nov 9 2016

My coworker’s daughter is out protesting in Seattle. The girl voted for Stein. She should be home hanging her head in shame. Read more