9/25/20 7:14AM

Did these same Republican Senators protest at all when it was announced America’s government (ie, THEY) separated small children from families seeking asylum and incarcerated them? N0?  Who’d a thunk it...

9/18/20 8:27PM

There is no way that the Republican pig-fucks will honor Justice Ginsberg’s wishes.  They’re probably smirking and rubbing their hands together as I type this.

9/18/20 8:17PM

Yeah if the Dems don’t refuse to seat anyone using the same argument the Republicans did then they don’t deserve to be in power. No high road bullshit this time.” Read more

8/24/20 9:39AM

Stop trying to remake good movies. If you have to remake something pick a big name flop and try to make it amazing. You still get all the name recognition and, if you pull it off, you’re going to be remembered for a long time. 

5/13/20 9:55AM

Anyone *other* than Matt Ryan being given Constantine is going to have the hugest shoes to fill. I hope the casting folks make that clear up front because, even a decent job, is going to earn them a lot of undeserved hate. 

2/10/20 3:53PM

Same. I was looking forward to this but I think I am already done.

2/10/20 3:34PM

The skulls of the four Beatles? Ha ha, hardy har har. Four episodes in and still waiting for the funny bits.

2/06/20 9:54AM

Well written, smart, fair piece. Hope you don’t get roasted for it.

7/16/19 4:32PM

Agreed. Maybe Will is gay, maybe he isn’t. But this show is set in the 1980s. As someone who was the age of these kids at that time, a middle school boy isn’t questioning his friend’s sexuality with a comment like that. In the mind of a suburban kid in the 80s, gay people were like a rumor you heard about but it Read more

6/25/19 1:22PM

Warriors Revolution: What if we play basketball based on absurd 3-point shooting and spacing, creating openings with swift ball movement and requiring defenses to guard shots previously thought impossible? We’ll play with a small, quick lineup, that will outpace slower, larger players, making them either lose on Read more

6/11/19 12:44AM

Why couldn’t Drake have torn his Achilles? No matter which team you support here, I feel like we can all rally behind that!

6/03/19 3:04PM

I am curious whether it is possible to have a good faith debate about this or, if it is so charged and everyone is so entrenched in their positions, if it isn’t. Read more

7/05/18 10:40AM

Good to see LeBron get another shot after his last GM stint ended poorly.

7/03/18 9:52PM

I hate the warriors as much as the next (non norcal) person but even I’d admit that the only reason boogie got to GS is because the other teams let him. To me this means one of two things - either every other contending front office is stupid or his injury is worse than reported and he’s a 50-50 bet to even play this Read more

6/29/18 10:06AM

I’ve been thinking back to that with this whole Luke Heimlich thing. Gays? Distraction. Guy who raped his six-year-old cousin? Not a distraction.

5/10/18 5:29PM

At least we didn’t have the vacuum filled by a bunch of CIA-trained mujahedeen warlords leftover from Afghanistan. Imagine how stupid we’d feel if that had happened?