10/18/20 3:58PM

Well, one way is that those ‘80s movies were (mostly) rooted in reality, while superhero movies are clearly fantasy. Rambo blowing up a bunch of Vietnamese bad guys may be emotionally satisfying while watching, but afterwards, your mind is processing a guy killing a bunch of other guys, which runs into our societal Read more

10/03/20 1:25PM

Long lives and higher intelligence seem to be linked throughout the animal kingdom: Orcas (90 years), dolphins (50-60 years), elephants (60-70 years). Read more

10/01/20 1:59PM

I don’t see how Schreier’s comment is controversial. He is absolutely right that Rowling, as an individual and private citizen, has a right to express her personal opinions, even if they are hateful. As a publicly traded U.S. corporation, Warner Bros. and its subsidiaries have a duty to their shareholders to maximize Read more

9/18/20 10:49PM

I have nothing to add to your analysis, but wanted to compliment you on your username.

9/18/20 10:46PM

I don’t think there is anything in the current Senate rules that allows Murkowski and Grassley to prevent McConnell to push through a confirmation. Once it starts, they will fall in line with the rest of the GOP. Read more

9/18/20 9:29PM

It is entirely possible that the GOP Senate will not act on this vacancy.” I want to support you, but in what Pollyana, blue skies forever, alternate reality do you live?

9/18/20 9:26PM

None of that matters. Unless Biden wins an unprecedented 70/30 popular vote split (spoiler: he won’t), the GOP will support Trump in his challenge to the election results, into which they will fold the results of any Senate election that gives the Democrats a majority. They will force the result into the Supremes, and Read more

9/18/20 9:21PM

Yeah, my feelings/fears exactly. I thought the next (and worst) 2020 fuck you was going to be Trump refusing to accept the election results and the Republicans continuing their fear of the base they created and supporting Trump in setting up a Southern White House at Mar-a-lago. Full blown constitutional crisis. Read more

9/18/20 9:16PM

Yes. There is absolutely nothing the Democrats can do. Our democracy died today.

9/18/20 9:14PM

That is irrelevant. The Democrats are meaningless in this. The Senate confirms, the Senate is controlled by unscrupulous asshats like McConnell, and they will absolutely ram through a Trump candidate who will pledge to support Trump in his inevitable challenge to election results he doesn’t like. The Democrats have Read more

9/07/20 3:56PM

the protective rune Atticus painted at the threshold of the house” Let’s give credit where credit is due: it was the voodoo priestess that painted the protective runes on the door (and Tic’s and Leti’s foreheads) last epidsode. Read more

8/28/20 2:06PM

Funny is funny. The fact that Gaffigan avoids edgy/blue/political humor doesn’t mean he’s not funny. Read more

8/20/20 1:39PM

“We don’t want to beat you,” the company stated in its announcement of the measure. “We are going to keep up the fight for a marriage model that works for all of us.” 

8/12/20 3:21PM

A long time ago, I programmed satellite control systems for the military; this was mid- to late-’80s. One of the more important systems we used ran on an old IBM Series/1 computer, a 16-bit computer that used 5-1/4" floppy disks; it was heavily sued in the aviation industry. Because IBM no longer offered tech support Read more

8/07/20 6:32PM

I think what he’s trying to say (I’m a white man) is that, in his mind, because the experience of African-Americans derive from a similar place (400 years of slavery and injustice), their political goals tend to be aligned around common goals. Contrast that with the experience of Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Read more

6/29/20 5:35PM

Where are all those “good cops” we keep hearing about? Brandishing a weapon in a threatening manner is a felony is Missouri, even with their “stand your ground” law.

6/26/20 9:22PM

So the pandemic reduces us all to our lowest common denominator; I accept and embrace that. As part of that, and because we’ve kind of run out of everything else, my two (adult-ish) daughters and I have been binging Bones; I’m not a proud parent. Read more