OK, yeah, I took two minutes and googled up the links to these materials that honestly probably should have been in the article in the first place. ampliTex and powerRibs do not in themselves replace carbon fiber as we commonly think of it. What most people think of when they say “carbon fiber” is technically “carbon Read more

Oct 23

Flying cars are just 2 years away and will definitely be the best-selling

Oct 23

???? You asked the same question in the Morning Shift, and you acknowledge as much in the last paragraph, but you went and asked it again anyway?

Oct 23

Hopefully the stripper models won’t be a pain to find. I hate when they use the base model price for advertising, and then make almost none of them as they push you to add more equipment.

Oct 23

I’m a sucker for factory steel wheels, so I’m going to have to go with the Blanco 2-door model.

Oct 23

Name a company or person who would blindly prepay millions of dollars in taxes? Especially when you have accountants doing the work for you. It's not like Trump is doing his taxes himself...or is he?

Oct 23

I still contest that they would sell the snot of of something like this in the US if it could be federalized (it probably can’t, blah blah blah safety). Read more

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Oct 23

I always feel like it’s being raised in a way or in a community that’s so insulated that you never question beliefs, and then are terrified by the prospect of that way of life being wrong or not being like that forever. I was raised in a devoutly Evangelical southern baptist household that was also devoutly Read more

Oct 21

The WRX and STi are not, for reasons I will never understand, hatchbacks. Subaru makes an Impreza hatch, but they only do the WRX and STi as ugly little sedans with minuscule trunks. It’s a crying shame.

Oct 21

I, and my wife, have taken our kids for years, and we always tell them to be respectful of people’s yards, to use the front walk or driveway. It really irks me that other parents don’t know how to teach their kids to have respect for other peoples’ property.

Oct 20

I’m sure the performance will be awesomely amazing, but, FFS, the uber high beltline and small window look is kinda played out by now, isn’t it? Read more

Oct 19

Bad take, Reese’s are the tits. I hope you stub your toe every day for the rest of your life.

Oct 19

Worst? Are you kidding me? Anything black liquorice is the worst, followed closely by anyone still giving away antiquated candy like Necco Wafers, Bit-o-Honey, or anything hot/cinnamon. 

Oct 18

And hopefully in a few weeks we can all call him “the former Senator from Georgia”.