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Can’t really comment on the looks, but did you sit in one? At 5'11" I can sit behind myself without having my knees touch the seat. Considering the overall size of the thing, I think the cargo space is perfectly reasonable. Read more

Yeah the thing it’s going to come down to with the 2.3 is the gearing. With VW’s DSG those 2 liters are sitting just below where the turbo comes on song at a highway cruise. If Ford does something similar, then great, the highway fuel economy will be easy to exceed. But if they gear it so highway driving means rpm Read more

Really? Maybe it’s the fuel? Different ethanol contents or some such thing out there? If I’m keeping the cruise control under 75, then 35-36 mpg is repeatable on highway trips. Read more

Same here. Consistently higher mpg in the real world than the EPA estimates with the 2.oT VW motor. Read more

Hey Raph, Le Mans is the 16th, not this weekend. Read more

I think it makes sense. Long-haul truckers are limited in how long they can drive before a mandated break, so you have built-in charging time right there. Plus, with the size of big rig frames, and being able to build battery packs into the chassis, there’s a lot of real estate to create all-day range. Read more

From what I understand, money and development. Money, since Honda pays a team for the privilege of supplying engines. Development in the sense that they can hopefully work out the kinks and get the Honda on power and competitive. That way the varsity Red Bull team has an engine option to drop Renault (TAG) in the Read more

*4-Stroke flathead. As someone mentioned earlier, Briggs and Stratton are one of a few engines that fire the spark plug on the exhaust stroke as well. Just helps to burn up anything that may be left in the chamber. Read more

Might be hard to answer since you design the oils and not the engine, but what are your thoughts of changing to the 0w-20 that is now being specified for the 2016 and up models? Read more

Unlikely that the penalty will be nullified. Those refueling points are really specific, and the organization can use the trackers to see where every vehicle is. When you have a group of Honda bikes in the incorrect location for refueling, it’s pretty cut and dry. Can’t remember which rider it was, but there was one Read more

Interesting. 2009 CC with the 2.0T calls for either 5W-40 or 0W-40 full synthetic. Curious why the change to -20 Read more

Honda rider Joan Barreda Bort currently leads the rally on motorcycle. Read more

Can confirm. The current VW 2.0T EA888 engine calls for 0W-40. Read more

Still boggles my mind that the Triton V10 is being used in heavy duty applications instead of a decent diesel. Something this massive would do well with a 1000 lb-ft oil burner instead. Would improve on that 7 mpg too. Read more

Never tried that! I’ll have to give that a go this weekend, thanks!
Read more

Tip to help your wipers last longer too: Take a razor blade from a utility knife, and using Invisible Glass as a lubricant, shave the windshield. A ton of tiny crap will come off that you don’t really see when driving, but which tear into the wiper blades and wear them out. Read more

Please please please tell me there is a full write-up coming on the details of this TT-RS! How is this competing in the FWD class? Is this a I-5 TT-RS with the back half of the drive train removed, or is it a worked over 2.0T? Read more

We are at the frontier of a new technology. There was a time when people didn’t know what cruise control was either. The responsibility is on both the manufacturer and the consumer here. The manufacturer needs to educate the consumer more clearly on what the system is, how it works, and what the limitations are. That Read more