Aug 5

I hate to say it, but the vast majority of the people on the party line had Evo badges. I really wouldn’t be surprised if these guys were participants.

Mar 14 2018

We were fully in support of our students at my school. Officially we weren’t allowed to participate, but most of the faculty who weren’t teaching came outside to “supervise”. I also doubt that many of our teachers actually marked participating students as absent, which we were supposed to do. I would lose my mind at a Read more

Mar 4 2018

I responded to this confusing Taimou with the other Dallas player. Sorry for any confusion.

Feb 17 2018

All of the women are amazing, but Shuri is such a stand out. Her character is incredible and Letita Wright just killed her performance. In the comics Shuri was Black Panther for a while, and I would love love love a movie where she gets to take on the mantel. She was so kickass during the Korea sequence.

Jan 16 2018

So, my first relationship was emotionally abusive and full of stuff like this. There were a lot of moments where I would try to withdraw consent and he would pressure me/coerce me/gaslight me/lie to me/trick me into giving him what he wanted. He never physically forced me, but he played mind games that ignored my Read more

Jan 5 2018

I’m sorry, you had that experience. Not saying someone wasn’t a jerk, but I worked there a few years ago (2012-2015), and what we were told to tell visitors was:

“The recommended price is $25, but you can pay whatever you wish for the ticket.” Read more

Jan 4 2018

Honestly? I think a lot of people come in with the expectation that cashiers are going to be rude and so that’s what they see, even if it’s not true. . The staff is also extremely overworked and are talking to literally hundreds of people a shift, it’s mentally exhausting and sometimes that leads to people being Read more

Jan 4 2018

A lot of people were mad they had to pay anything at all, because there was a misconception (especially at the time of the lawsuit) that pay as you wish meant free when it meant pay something. I once had a guy scream at me because I wouldn’t give him two tickets for a single penny, since you can’t divide a penny into Read more

Jan 4 2018

Nope. Literally no one I worked with in over two years gave a crap what people paid. We got paid the same amount no matter what. Management chewed us out for a lot of meaningless bullshit, but they never paid any attention to how much revenue we individually took in. If I was ever a jerk to someone, it was usually Read more

Jan 4 2018

Yeah. My favorite is the folks who complain “Well, they wouldn’t let me in for free so they were rude.” Um, no, they wouldn’t let you in for free because it’s not free. It hasn’t been free for decades, you can pay what you want but you must pay something. They were literally doing their jobs.

Jan 4 2018

Wait, you’re the one who started comparing one experience to another. Of course it’s not the worst customer service experience ever. It was mine, that’s it.

My original point was literally: don’t treat employees of this specific place like crap for a specific policy that is out of their control. Is there a problem Read more

Jan 4 2018

Exactly this. Visitor Services people sell literally thousands of tickets a week (I usually averaged about 500 tickets a day), we never gave a crap what people paid. We did care how we got treated though. Read more

Jan 4 2018

Thanks, but I worked customer service and retail for 10 years in NYC, so I have plenty of experience to compare to. The worst experiences I ever had were in the Met.

Jan 4 2018

So, I worked as a visitor services associate for 2.5 years (sold tickets, worked into), and was there during the lawsuit. You would not believe the god awful way that people treated us, the lowest rung employees with no power or control (or benefits bc we were all part-time, so we got pretty much nothing). Visitors Read more

Dec 17 2017

There was a point in the movie where I was sobbing, and then I got it under control only for another thing to happen and I started all over again. This is incredibly vague cause I don’t want to give anything away. SO MANY FEELINGS. Read more

Nov 3 2017

Yep. Every season I tell myself I want to play more competitive, but I always run into some kind of gendered harassment or abuse and I just go back to modes that I don’t feel bad having the mic off during.