Fiddler on the Hot Tin Roof
12:03 AM

It was a man. The police publicly said they were willing to investigate if a victim pushed charges. Read more

8:05 PM

Yup, there’s more good comedy out there than most of us even have time to watch or listen to. I really liked Louis C.K.’s stuff, but his absence doesn’t leave any sort of void in my life.

2:06 PM

Paul Ryan sucked on the public teat his entire adult life. He received Social Security benefits through college after his father died, and he’s worked in government ever since then. He has never, not for one day as an adult not been paid for by taxpayers, but has been determined to take away the social safety net for Read more

10:11 PM

It was in 2015 and Trump was mocking a reporter who had countered his 9/11 bullshit claim of seeing Muslims dancing on rooftops, and who suffers from a joint condition that limits his range of motion and is especially noticeable in his arms and hands. Read more

2:35 PM

What is this bullshit? He cheated on girlfriends before getting therapy as a result of serious trauma. Did you read the piece? Why are you sitting here assuming feelings on behalf of his past partners when he is talking about suicide attempts and extreme fear of intimacy as a result of CHILD RAPE?

4:21 PM

The way you get a partner is that you become someone worth dating, TaJDS — not through sub Tucker-Max bullshit. Read more

12:11 PM

Of course, as we all know, purchasing food to take away involves a legally-binding contract indicating that all purchased food MUST be consumed within 45 minutes of the transaction’s completion. If she didn’t eat all those cupcakes right away, federal marshals would have shot her to death right in the middle of the Read more

12:02 PM

why, just because she’s fat, does everyone think she’s going to go home and eat everything in one go? I am a fat person, I love sweets, I love savory foods, but if I tried to eat TWENTY cupcakes AND chocolate AND cookies I’d be puking. fat ladies might eat more than ONE cupcake unlike normal people like you who we can Read more

11:50 AM

thanks for assuming that somehow fat people don’t know they’re fat. do you know what you are? a fuckface. hey, just saying what you are, you can’t be offended

11:48 AM

as a fatty fat fat fat myself, I would say that the chances of her eating all 20 in one sitting are pretty low. but, you know, thanks for “worrying” your “concern” is so “genuine”

4:07 PM

That’s not the point. Counter pieces from any source can be easily composed and sourced with a link. You don’t have to pay and publish a fascist to write a column about why fascists are wrong. Read more

2:28 PM

The young Johnny Depp was fucking good. He might not have been right for this, but don’t make the mistake of trying to credibly assert that he hasn’t done good work, or that he and Burton haven’t delivered.

3:43 PM

Bullshit like this isn’t exactly the reason I left New Orleans after living there for 11 years. It’s an incredible, vibrant city full of creative, kind people but Jesus Christ it’s got one of the most corrupt and just plain fucking stupid municipal governments in the entire country. City Hall tries bullshit like this Read more

9:29 PM

The Dems think the New Deal and the Sixties were the beginning of progress toward what society should be. No Dem wants to re-create an era of presidents and civil rights leaders being assassinated and Freedom Riders being murdered. Read more

11:21 AM

Have you noticed how a lot of the hazards around sex work would be significantly reduced if sex work wasn’t criminalized? HMMMMMMMMM.

11:06 AM

Yes, most people that are above average strength are obese. The Rock and Arnold Schwarzenegger at their peak of fitness were obese, as well as most people in the NFL, so I’m not at all offended. I carry some extra fat around, definitely, but a guy who calls himself poop isn’t going to get me down about it. Read more

12:28 PM

The smaller portions help. Don't even bother with sides anymore. If you want what would traditionally be on a side (salad, potato), that should be your meal. Read more