Fiddler on the Hot Tin Roof
Apr 16 2018

Don’t go to Ireland at Christmas unless you know people (I did) because literally EVERYTHING is closed, and stays closed for days. The National Museum, National Library, National Gallery, etc, are the best museums in the world and a must-see every time I go. Dublin Castle is a snoozefest, for the most part. Skip it. Read more

Apr 13 2018

That is a good portion of the South for you. You cannot even get them to stop being racist by telling them it’ll make them more money.

Apr 5 2018

I’m a woman and have had no luck on dating sites because, as mentioned, the back and forth messaging made the whole thing deflate. Next time I see someone interesting I’m going to try your approach. Just ask ‘em out straight away.

Apr 3 2018

This is what was working for me until Cadbury’s Mini Eggs hit the shelves for Easter. I’m on my last bag now, so hopefully this approach will start working again once I’m done shoving this delicious crunchy chocolate nonsense in my face.

Mar 15 2018

If my younger relatives from the exceedingly red part of my state are any indication, no, there will be plenty of closed-minded doofuses to populate the next generation of Fox News followers.

Feb 7 2018

25% is my standard tip. If you wow me, I can go up to 50% or more if I’m feeling flush. I’ve worked for tips before and have loads of friends and acquaintances in the service industry. I never skimp on tips, even if the server sucked. They would have to pour my drink on my head or something equally heinous to not get Read more

Feb 6 2018

My family, too, except also add in the blatant racism that they are so gleeful they can now fully express...”just telling it like it is”.