Well ... society is composed of individuals. If you claim to care I’m not sure you can pass the buck like that. There is plenty you can do. Read more

THE ISSUE IS NOT MENTAL ILLNESS. The numbers are clear: the overwhelming majority of these mass shooters are DISAFFECTED WHITE MEN with an axe to grind, usually with Nazi style leanings. Read more

This is incredibly shallow, but WHY IS HIS FACE LIKE THAT? He looks like Adam Driver had a wet dream about Adrien Brody and this was what was left on the sheets. Read more

The North didn’t fight because of slavery, but the South sure as hell did.
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It’s always weird when I see Confederate apologists use these same arguments to try to argue that the Civil War wasn’t really about slavery, as if pointing out some of Lincoln’s racism somehow makes the Confederate government less racist.
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Dude! Do you really not get this? Women are being told that we’re replaceable because guys have realistic sex dolls. Which reduces us to fuckholes, basically. So, NO, you are not the victim here. Men who crow about not needing women because they have some silicone simulation are the problem. Read more

Seems like a good idea for a cover shoot, actually. Read more

Yeah, the whole composition from Michael Shannon on to the right is a total mess.
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Why are Tom Hanks and Robert DeNiro never draped languidly over the floor/furniture/other people? Read more

Easier to get a cop fired for accepting pizza as a bribe than for murdering an unarmed person. Jesus. Read more

And adding onto that, men are taught to always, always, always push and ignore your boundaries! Also, not only are we not taught how to set boundaries, we’re actually actively socialized to be accommodating and polite, which directly contradicts the ability to do so. Read more

No. This is a dangerous statement. Read more

This comment is magnificent, but I wanted to give you a reply in agreement - it goes something like this

I can’t read these comments any more. They keep moving the goal posts: Read more

That laziness is insidious and strategic - men are always suddenly bumbling when they want to retain a certain amount of power. “Oh, I didn’t know [groping her wasn’t cool]/[how to load the dishes right]” Read more