Feminist Kittenjoy [is back after a long hiatus]
Jul 21 2018

Hey all! Anyone else out there struggling with “imposter syndrome”? I’m in my early 40s and have built a good set of skills and a strong reputation in my field over the course of my career. However, I’ve always worked within an existing structure and under another supervisor. Now that I’ve created and am running my Read more

Apr 7 2018

I feel you: I was diagnosed with panic disorder over a decade ago and have gone through periods here and there where panic attacks were frequent. Thankfully, they are pretty quiet right now. Medication helps me and working with a therapist does as well. Do you have the option of the latter? If you’re on a college Read more

Apr 7 2018

Best thing that happened to me this week was the launch of the website I’ve been working on for over a year: www.feministsact.com. It’s all about helping people figure out how, where, when, and why to take action on issues that affect folks who identify as women and girls in the United States. I’m so damn proud and Read more

Mar 31 2018

Fuck this racist, misogynistic dude. You don’t get to call for the murder of women because they exercise their legal choice of abortion just to be edgy. Stating your opinions has consequences, the most important of which for a writer should be denial of a platform. Shame on the Atlantic...