Sep 23

There was a semi-recent episode of Botched where a white kid had spent in excess of 100K to look like a member of BTS. It...was not a successful endeavor. 

Sep 23

I remember that. One guy wanted to look like Brad Pitt and in the end he looked like he had tons of plastic surgery and still didn’t look like Brad Pitt.

Sep 2

You assumed she actually did it? I assumed it was a work of fiction. Realistic fiction of what would probably have happened, but I didn’t for one minute believe she actually made those phone calls. Huh.

Sep 2

I spent the majority of my life living near a couple of the richest zip codes in the country. Rich people style comes in a few flavors:
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May 10

It is also pretty unbelievable she did an Asian accent in her interview - that, I can say, is really crass. Read more

May 9

I was with you until the whole her husband is a dork, it’s not about race or sex shit. Why do white people always want to tell you it is not about race without checking their internalized racism? I was not born in this country and yet I am always checking how casually racism is imbued into every part of our lives. Read more

Apr 20

Middle-aged dude here with a question: could this dope get it in real life. You know, with real people? Sure, in the manufactured confines of reality TV, he’s a hot commodity. But if you measured him against actual people, he a) dumb, and b) kind of a misogynist.

Mar 30

They look like this on Instagram because they look like this ALL the time. Seriously, within upper-middle-class southern Evangelical culture, there is a very narrow range of acceptable appearances. And the more evangelical, the narrower the range. Read more

Mar 30

How is it that in the header image all these women look the same? Even the black woman! It’s like they all contoured and highlighted together, or used the same make-up artist who only knows one style of make-up.  Read more

Mar 11

Lies. Shower sex, while technically possible, is almost never pleasurable* Read more

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Mar 11

We fought a bloody revolution so you could freely decide whether to give a shit again.

Mar 11

They’ve been married just a couple years and Harry has already engineered an historic break from the royal family. That isn’t doing nothing.

Mar 10

I just read an amazing interview with Natasha Lyonne in RS and she said her best friend, Chloe Sevigny, was the one person who rallied so hard to get her work again after her drug-related downfall. And of course we’ve all seen the brilliant work from Lyonne since then... something for the Chloe Sevigny haters to chew Read more

Mar 6

But he’s got vision, and definitely doesn’t make the same film of a stand in of himself fucking far younger, at times barely legal, women who are typically “damaged” in some way over and over and over and over...

Mar 6

Here’s the thing I’ve always noticed about all these would be revolutionaries, new age philosophers, and people looking to “tell the truth” and/or “clear their name” who believe what they have to share is so important to the world. They’re never ones to put out their scribblings for free, even when they’re already Read more

Mar 3

Be sure to let your sister know that her son is internalizing her hate. 

Mar 3

It happens here in south Texas too. My bff was at a gas station and heard this lady yelling about all the Mexican speakers then got livid when people were pulling out phones to film her! Racism is a helluva drug.