May 1

Stop trying to video tape it you monsters!!!! It's been proven that video kills radio stars.

Feb 9 2020

It was originally named the American Minstrelsy Channel, but AMC was already taken.

Nov 8 2019

I was lucky to have a friend who did her dissertation on middle school sex education when my daughter was in elementary school. The big takeaway from her research is that sex ed can’t just be a one time “sex talk”, it has to be a long series of conversations. Which, if you think about it at all, makes a lot of sense. Read more

Oct 13 2019

This being high school, his friends would have told me that it doesn’t count if the first time he scored was in the other end.

Oct 3 2019

Thank you for having an actual intellectual conversation about the events that transpired rather than most ass hats here that if you don’t agree with them they just tell you to kill yourself or some such B.S. Read more

Aug 29 2019

I think I saw one of these babies drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic’s. His hair was perfect.

Aug 7 2019

This is ridiculous. When, in the history of the sport, has a butt contributed to any type of difficulty holding on to a football.