Mar 18 2018

Just the opposite. When Charles visits overnight somewhere (I think this is only for private visits; I don’t think he does this on tours) his retinue packs up his entire bedroom and lots of other stuff and reassembles it in whichever room (or suite of rooms) Charles stays in. I wonder if he knows the word “futon.”

Feb 24 2018

You could argue the same for any kind of meat. It’s funny how different societies arbitrarily see some kinds of meat as okay and others as not. A friend of mine was horrified when I told her that one of my grandfathers farmed rabbits for meat. There are Peruvian paintings of the last supper where one of the dishes is Read more

Jan 4 2018

Friend, trust that I know where he is at ALL moments. His instagram is my lifeblood. He is so bizarre and off the rails that I can’t look away, while at the same time I want to chain him up in my basement and take care of him forever, throwing away his stupid hats and cutting his hair so he looks like himself again, Read more

Jan 4 2018

Demi Moore is thirty years older than Nick Jonas so its now officially fine for me to actively pursue Tom Felton, as I am only FIFTEEN years older than him. BRB, on my way to LA.

Sep 18 2016

So absurdly happy for Rami Malek. I think I screamed when his name was announced.

Sep 18 2016

I’m sorry, Stassa, but this article basically amounts to, “Smile, it can’t be that bad.”

Aug 8 2016

Crap! Yes I meant King!

Jun 10 2016

Shut up, not-even-Madara. Goddamn Tobi.

Jun 10 2016

I read that the girl is voldemort’s DAUGHTER by Bellatrix. And that the two white boys fucking with time blink the black girl OUT OF EXISTENCE.

Jun 8 2016

Well, this Dirt Bag is full of not-very-fun stuff, so how about we discuss how Woke Bae John Boyega is going to play everyone’s favorite hot Bond fan-cast Idris Elba’s son in an upcoming film?

Jun 4 2016

Muhammad Ali’s death has no place in a dirt bag.
Read more

May 31 2016

All Rainn Wilson said is that he’s pissed that shooting-killings of animals draw more press and sympathy than shooting-killings of people. So instead of writing faux-outrage ad hominems, understand that this zoo shooting death and human shooting deaths are both substantively but not equally tragic.

May 25 2016

“Even when I worked in PC World I would sometimes walk up to people and nip at their shirt. I got in trouble once; someone walked into the PC repair centre and I had part of their dad’s computer in my mouth. But the other staff knew I was like that to everyone. They didn’t find it weird.” Read more

May 22 2016

Considering that he has exactly zero percent odds of winning the nomination, does anyone else feel that Bernie is actively trying to fuck over the Democrats at this point? Read more

Apr 14 2016

Right? And “I didn’t want to be a zoophile. I was trying to do everything I could to avoid this animal”? How hard could it possibly be to avoid a fucking dolphin?! Just because an animal humps your leg does not mean it’s cool for you, a human, to have sex with it. That’s not how it works.

Apr 6 2016

I am so excited! I put in the application yesterday about 8am, got a call from the owner about 2pm, interviewed at

Apr 1 2016

Take the word “overseer,” like a sample
Repeat it very quickly in a crew for example
Officer, Officer, Officer, Officer!
Yeah, officer from overseer
You need a little clarity?
Check the similarity!
The overseer rode around the plantation
The officer is off patrolling all the nation

Mar 31 2016

I’ve been working really hard on walking more and sticking to my diet and it finally happened! Hit my lowest weight in like 11 years. Read more

Mar 31 2016

Starting to weightlift was seriously the best decision I’ve made. My numbers for my lifts keep going up and I can see the progress everywhere - my legs, my ass, my abs, my arms, my back. It’s awesome! Plus I’ve shed a few pounds. I also started running and despite some knee issues I’m loving it! Such a nice way to get Read more