May 3

As Cody Johnston once wrote in an extended post for Cracked, most of the answers that were supposedly “not given” for Lost were, in fact, given over the course of the show. Most people just didn’t pay attention or like those answers. Personally, I loved the show right up to and including Jack’s last scene mirroring Read more

May 3

I'm guessing this article was from an interview for season 6 of Bosch. The show is pretty good but he does a really good job in his role. Recommend it. 

Jan 13

Why are we overthinking this? Of course it’s sharing stuff with the MCU. This is a simple occam’s razor thing that people are overthinking. 

Dec 26

I’ve never been able to get myself to watch that movie because it always seemed like another riff on Liar, Liar (Jim Carrey suddenly having to navigate life with a very specific behavioral/vocal constraint; hilarity and character growth ensue!). Granted, I liked Liar, Liar, so maybe the second time around was good too?

Nov 20

You are an idiot. The movie made $1,000,000,000 worldwide. How many incels do you think there are?

Oct 28 2019

I don’t think this means much for theatrical supes as much as it once did. DC has started to show a willingness to use characters both in TV and movies lately that they did not in the past. Look at The Flash, Superman himself, and the few different versions of Batman/Bruce Wayne/Gotham.

Oct 15 2019

Except of course there was a distinct suggestion when the new deal was announced that Sony can now use the MCU’s Spider-Man in their films. So at some point we’re definitely going to end up with a Venn diagram where the MCU is on one side and Sony’s Spiderverse is on the other, and the three Spider-Man films are sat in Read more

Oct 8 2019

“A Movie With Little to Say”? Really? You must be joking... No dominant theme? Really? This level of text comprehension really baffles me.

Oct 8 2019

Did we watch the same movie? I mean, it wasn’t perfect but the last act was pretty solid and there’s really nothing about incels in it. It’s less about “women owe me something” and more a generic “the system sucks.” Read more

Oct 6 2019

What it also means too is, like Deadpool ($55 million budget) and Venom ($100 million), is that you can do a really profitable movie like Joker ($60 million, so it only needs around $150 million to break even) that people respond to without having to spend the resources of a small country. In an era where studios are Read more

Oct 6 2019

Oh, the controversy was definitely overblown. The media ran with a narrative that this film is a tale about an absurdly heroic incel warrior of some kind, and it’s not. Not to mention how many supposedly liberal journalists adopted the Republican talking point that violent media is the real cause of mass shootings.

Oct 6 2019

By doing a different kind of movie with a relatively big budget for the type of film, 55-60 million, not having it feature Batman at all, sort of, and releasing it in October with a R rating. There was a lot riding on this film and it seemed to have paid off. The reason they were willing to take that risk was because Read more

Oct 6 2019

Really glad to read the film did so well. Not just because I personally loved it, but also because it was a risky movie to do and hopefully this incentives the studios to try more different things with their superhero properties. Read more

Sep 24 2019

:sigh: Are we that fragile now? Thank God movies like Taxi Driver got made already. This is a movie about the Joker for God’s sake, he’s been a bat shit crazy mass murderer for about 75 years now. (60s TV shows and cartoons not withstanding). Go, see, walk out, and bitch afterword.