Jul 31

If you want to support the police, then support the police. Fine. But insisting specifically that the BLM mural be painted over (if that is what I’m understanding here) instead of putting your mural literally ANYWHERE else is straight up, active-aggressive racism. Plain. And. Simple. It’s like, in the age of Trump, Read more

Jul 27

So how’s it work on the 28 ad trackers I’ve blocked that G/O Media has tagged to this page? Does it magically fix the broken Kinja comments for this page? Or does it respond that Kinja is malware? Read more

Jul 22

I actually thought the tesseract was a good way to portray how higher dimensional beings would attempt to communicate with humans and how time is non-linear to them. It was a daunting task to get right, and I think that was an admirable take. I also liked how the hard science behind time and gravity interaction with Read more

Jul 22

I hope so. Slideshow is a stupid idea that demands far too many clicks and pages than needed. Scrolling list will always be better.

Jul 22

Did Gizmodo get rid of slideshows? Because I totally clicked on this just to complain about slideshows.

Jul 20

Every single person in that video needs to be charged. Period. 

Jul 8

White supremacists hammer home two main points in the media and politics. One is that everything is already “equal”, which they follow with the idea that any time people of color gain something, it means eventually white people will lose something.
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Jul 7

The sad truth is that stupidity is contagious, and Facebook is a prime disease vector. 

Jul 5

No it hasn’t. I’m most definitely not from Texas and my hometown of 50k (over 50% black) has had Juneteenth multiple celebrations that include a parade and pageant, that was cancelled this year, for all of my almost 40 years of my life.

And the events were held going back to at least 1925 because my grandmother was Read more

Jul 4

How long before they gentrify Juneteenth also? Oh I celebrated last month. Honestly with all the shit that has gone on in this country it is way past time for us to take a look at this bullshit holiday where a bunch of fools wave flags blindly and talk about Freedom. Fuck that you are on stolen land and you phonies Read more

Jul 3

I seriously don’t understand that. Why would you continue to consume anything you already said you hate?

Jul 3

If you become so terrified during a VERBAL argument that you need to pull your gun out and point it at someone then you’re mentally unstable and should forfeit your right to every owning a gun legally again

Jul 3

That explains why she’s holding the gun the correct way. Her husband’s a veteran and she probably is too.
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Jul 3

When this bitch got back in her car and ran, you could see a new form of terror over her eyes...”oh shit, I’m a Karen, and they got me on video” Read more

Jun 30

We stayed at home. We lost jobs. We lost family members, who we couldn’t say goodbye to. Many of us are suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD. There are repercussions to the first 6 months of 2020 and the coronavirus that will echo through the century and there is a population of selfishly stupid people out there Read more