Expendable Crewman Number Six
Aug 13

I wonder if they get paid depending on how many copies were claimed, because I’ll claim copies of stuff I already own just in case they do.

Aug 13

Agreed. I’m really curious what the devs are making from these sales. It obviously isn’t the same as a sale, but I do not doubt that Epic is paying them, but also that the pittance that they’re getting is the prelude to purchases later. A longform story about this would be a great read.

Aug 12

I wish they’d do these Neo Geo collections with a few less versions of KOF and SamSho and give us more of the variety of shmups, beat-em-ups, and other great arcade games that used to be in the NEGEO cabs. If they’d included a wider range of the NEO GEo history, i’d might have been down for this.

Aug 5

Did you hear about the Mustafar Anakin Skywalker rare card? It costs an arm and a leg.

Jul 14

Yay, DbD! I work on it, so I’m biased. :) The team’s been hard at work getting the Stadia version ready. :)

Jul 13

I reckon it’s bound to happen, and it helps that the base assets are some of the most sumptuous anyone can make at this scale so there’s not much need for reshade/re-texture mods, leaving focus on planes, airports, QoL and flgiht dynamics mods.

Jul 13

The anxiety this sort of shit causes me is something I’ve never experienced before. I mean, I’ve dealt with anxiety my entire life, but this absolute confirmation that I’m surrounded by fucking idiots and led by someone who would gladly kill literally everyone in the country if he thought it made him look good... it’s Read more

Jul 2

This is a shining-bright example of how the fucking scum of the Internet hides behind their keyboards spamming “KYS BITCH, NOBODY LOVES YOU, YOU’RE FUCKING WORTHLESS!!” until they actually do it.

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Jun 30

Yeah... And what happens to their soul? Once you teleport, you become soulless? Would your dog try to bite you because you have no soul and they don’t recognize you anymore? Would automatic doors stop opening for you? Would you have no reflection in mirrors? OMG, the teleporter is a vampire making machine!

Jun 30

If the technology existed, you’d have to pass a law redefining murder to exclude consensual teleporter use, and also to define a teleported “clone” as the same legal person as the original person prior to teleportation. EG, there’s only one legal personhood involved, regardless of how many times that person is Read more

Jun 30

Yeah... that’s why McCoy refuses to use them. Literally they copy your pattern and recreate it elsewhere. It’s how in TNG they pulled Scotty out of the teleporter buffer he had been in for 100 years.

HOWEVER the quantum window tech that you see in an episode of TNG where it opens up a stable doorway between spaces is Read more

Jun 29

Not only are they murder cloning machines, but nobody will ever notice. If you suddenly appear on a transporter pad, with all of the memories and experiences of the previous you who was just “transported”, it’s clearly enough evidence that you are, in fact, being transported, and not cloned and destroyed. You didn’t Read more

Jun 29

Seeing that first image I assumed this was part of a mini golf course.