Expendable Crewman Number Six
Feb 24

Currently I evaluate ad blockers on their ability to allow me to navigate Lifehacker and use Kinja without wanting to strangle someone.

Feb 19

Me explaining to kids who play Fortnite what Overwatch was and why it was insanely popular for a while there.

Feb 19

Yeah, I suspect it just angles itself and burns it’s thrusters until it’s out of fuel to get as much distance as possible between it and the rover then crashes wherever that may be.

Feb 19

the thing is, despite the abilty to steer it doesn’t have much fuel left to do anything but a final burn to arch away from the landing site

Feb 19

I’m pretty sure it just flies a KM or so away, and crashes. It’s 100% disposable.

Feb 19

One thing I don’t get and I tried looking for, was where does the Sky Crane go after it drops off the rover? Anyone know? All I’ve seen is media saying it flies off; but to where?

Feb 19

Maybe it would be too boring narratively but I’ve always wanted to Horde to have a good Tauren leader. But Blizz would probably just have them assassinated and overthrown.

Feb 18

I never understood why people were claiming FFXIV would end after the current storyline was finished. The developers can just keep making stuff up as they go. Hell FFXI has been around for 19 years and still gets updates, as recently as 2020.

Feb 17

shit like this is why people don’t take us liberals seriously when ACTUAL issues of hate speech, language and dog-whistling need to be addressed.

I mock the right for being reactionary, but if I’m being honest, we can be just as bad.

Jan 26

It’s not anarchy, it’s just exposing how nonsensical and irrational the market truly is. People like to say that markets are rational. They aren’t. Markets are driven by people, and people by emotion (and logic which is often poisoned by emotion). Read more

Jan 12

I hate “pebble ice” -- or what I prefer to call “rabbit turd” ice -- with a passion. It’s hard slush. Clear cubes or chips are best, imho. Give me fridge that can do that!

Jan 7

Chick Fil-A   > KFC > Wendy’s > Popeye’s > McDonalds > The bags they came in > Burger King