Everything Is Shiny

Further, the number of black lives whose future was decided by all white hostile juries is innumerable. Read more

My daughter (honor roll, authored 2 books, speaks Japanese, sings in Italian) was arrested for 3rd degree attempted buglary when she was 16 on the say so of a white neighbor’s 12 & 14yr old. Read more

I mean those burns were pretty wet.

And yet dudes will be like, “but sexism isn’t real.”

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“And we want to treat this with the seriousness it deserves, so we’re going to put you on GMA. Your segment would be between Rachel Ray and the winner of the Westminster Dog Show.” Read more

I’m a female. I like sports. But it seems like everyday I hear a story about how trivialized women are in sports, in sports “relationships", and now, even broadcasting. dammit. Read more

Listen, don’t judge us Coloradans for drinking shitty bears. We have our traditions, ok? Read more

I would pay a substantial sum of money to the Colombia Broadcasting System for them to switch out Beavis and Butthead for Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts. Read more

Manning’s people are on the phone. They wanna know how much money Shit (TM) is willing to put on the table and how the deal is structured.. Eating “Shit” isn’t out of the question. Where is he supposed to eat this Shit at? If he’s already in town for another promotion it might work out. Read more

You have a supervisor for racism in your office? Read more

Sure. A very nice individual who seems to be hiding behind his wife for HGH shipments and engaging in witness intimidation. Read more

I think Eli agrees with Drew. Read more

I wonder if Bud will come out with a special run of beer that contains Peyton’s hgh-infused piss instead of the Clydesdale piss they usually use? Peyton’s dick has got to be easier to fit into the bottle.
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In fact, I became actively annoyed that CBS kept trying to push the storybook angle on me. The fuck does Peyton Manning need MORE adulation for? Read more

Well, we already know he’s drinking piss.
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No, it’s Peyton Manning hiring someone to meet 2 thugs in an alley for him. Read more