8/08/17 12:56AM

It frankly makes me feel better about myself to know I wasn’t the only person who thought Schumer was walking the red carpet with a hot pink dildo.

8/07/17 5:24PM

1) We met when I was 21, and a self-described kid. We married when I was 30, after much careful discussion & consideration. I am now nearly 40. Again, reading comprehension. Read more

8/07/17 4:08PM

I totally get it and it is most certainly a valid concern. Sorry for my frustration. Best of luck in whatever you decide.

8/07/17 3:26PM

Apparently you didn’t read my response to the asshole above. You are coreect; that is something to thing about. Believe me, I DID thing about it when we entered a serious relationship...and decided it was worth it. Read more

8/07/17 2:27PM

Well said! Agree that age matters....but then so do a lot of things, right? Not necesarily a deal-breaker.

8/07/17 2:01PM

“...there are so many other women in the world besides black and white women. Whose stories are not being told.” Read more

8/07/17 1:10PM

Well, parts of it are shity tech holes. I don’t think you can say that about El Cerrito, Berkeley, Oakland, etc. (And I concur! I’m a life-long Oaklander and I’m hella proud! :) )

8/07/17 1:34AM

Sure, it might be. And for many it is. However, chances are good that my husband will outlive me (see my response to commenter above). Read more

8/06/17 10:44PM

Truth. My husband is 15 years older than me and it has NEVER been an issue or point of contention even when I was 21 and he 36 (and frankly, the age gap WAS an issue back then. He was divorced, had two kids, was a certified grown up and I was very much a kid. Now I’m 39 and he’s about to turn 54 and it’s a non-issue). Read more

8/06/17 9:42PM

Why the hell are people so smugly self congratulatory about the fact they’ve never heard this song? Because it’s popular? Because it’s in Spanish? Because Justin Bieber? Read more

7/20/17 2:17PM

Right?? A few years ago we were briefly homeless due to a combination of huge medical debt and some questionable financial decisions. It was really fucking hard. We spent some time couch surfing and staying at shelters. Read more

7/20/17 3:18AM

So, so true. Very white and painfully aged out of the demographic he’s trying to impres. I work at an elementary school, and I guarantee that any kid dabbing in 2017 (well, in Oakland, CA anyway) would hear about it from their peers. Read more

7/13/17 11:12PM

Can we please not make fun of his name? He’s a transphobic, violent piece of shit that deserves our scorn, but not because of his fucking name. Casual racism really doesn’t help.