Ev - Been Grey So Long it Looks like Black to Me
11:04 AM

(WHOA, WHOA - case by case basis, please!
Spanx have been the difference between “I can totally wear these pants/this dress in public!” and “whoa - that is visual TMI about my ass and thighs that no one needs to know.” I agree it shouldn’t be everyday wear, or a constant attempt to force your body into a new shape, Read more

11:31 AM

Jesus H. Christ, RIGHT??? Raise your hand if you’ve ever had the thought, ‘Oh, look, it’s *her!* She’s that chick that got raped by [celebrity]! I totally loved her last interview. Let’s see if we can get her autograph or buy some“I got raped by [celebrity] and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” swag!’
Because, spoiler: Read more

2:27 PM

fucking a - SERIOUSLY. ^ This so much. I wish everyone would stfu with the ‘if she did x, everyone would’ve voted for her!’ Um, maybe if she’d been totally awesome relatable white grampa Bernie Sanders, she might have had a shot, otherwise, no.
It’s hard to even explain to people now how much original recipe Hilary Read more

1:28 AM

This is... omfg. It’s nauseating enough that crazybitch was doing all that, but the poor roommate was getting sick the whole time??? And she gets ‘special probation????’
If it wasn’t defined, after reading the story I’d just assume Special Probation meant that she had to let strangers have access to her personal Read more