Eustache Dauger

The government doesn’t pay for everything for presidents. Unless the president in question is corrupt. Trump pays for nothing. Read more

It’s fine to say “utilize” as long as you mean “utilize”. It does not mean “use” and thinking it does makes you sound like an ass. You “use” something for its intended purpose. You “utilize” it for something other than its intended purpose. You use a fork to eat. You utilize a fork to scratch your back. Read more

Yeah. He was pretty confused about what he was trying to say, too. That tends to happen when you’re talking out your ass. Read more

So,...wait.... Facebook employees actually believed there was some sort of respect for privacy in their workplace? That is fucking astounding. Read more

There’s never any love for Dynomutt the Dog Wonder. At least he showed up for the Laff-a-Lympics. That alone makes him a better dog than f’ing Astro. Read more

“Fox, grant me the insanity to deny the things I cannot change, the hubris to shortchange everyone I can, and a place to play the victim. Amen.” Read more

“Spoiler culture” is only a thing because there are assholes out there who want to ruin your first experience with a work for the lulz. Read more

Shut up and click our affiliate links. Read more

A bucket of heads, arms, and legs. That’s disturbing enough. Then you realize how small those heads, arms, and legs would have to be to fit a plurality of each into something the size of a bucket. Adult parts would require a barrel. They were treating babies like KFC chicken. Read more

Same here. The price hike and cancelling all things Marvel gave me a strong case of the fuck-its. Read more

I’m pretty sure Robert E was the non union one. Read more

I’ve been checking the Pressbox for 23 years and I’m only hearing about this now?! Read more

Cops should be allowed to wear the Punisher skull if, and only if, we get to kill their whole family. Read more

There are no places that don’t have scooters. There are only places that you believe have no scooters until some idiot riding one jumps out in front of you. Read more

Yup. Damn Dumont. They dumped all their kinescopes into New York Bay and now it’s all gone. What I wouldn’t give to see the full run of Captain Video. Read more

Because having smart things in your house is the next best thing to actually being smart. Read more

Certainly makes it easier to knock him down for a ball kicking. Read more

I don’t think the claim is that he went happily on his way. Running away to avoid consequences doesn’t require a clean bill of health. It just requires being able to stand up on a scooter. Read more