Aug 20 2017

If my crippling lingering emotional problems give someone a good laugh 24 years after the fact, my abusive childhood wasn’t in vain. Read more

Jun 27 2017

Late lunch is the only answer. If you leave for lunch at 1 or 2, then you have less of the day to come back to. HOW DOES EVERYONE NOT KNOW THIS?

May 8 2017

The answer to all of your questions is yes.

Apr 14 2017

Thank you. If I had to decide between paying $60 for this thing versus spending an afternoon figuring out how to put it together, I’m throwing down $60 every time. For most people, it’s simply not worth the time and aggravation.

Apr 1 2017

What kind of sociopath thinks trying to kill someone over a traffic infraction is equivalent to the traffic infraction? Read more

Mar 11 2017

This is kind of a big blow. When a 14-year-old gives up on a web site, that’s like 70 years of ad revenue they’re losing.