Oct 22

“All my friends moved away and don’t talk to me anymore, it must be them!”

Oct 21

You’re not getting political. You’re revealing a fundamental compassion/moral compass.

Thanks to Tom for letting us into this, I’d never have thought about this issue otherwise and I like to think I try to consider the struggles others may face.

Oct 21

Yup. Call me a commie all day long if you like, but in a country as rich as this one every single person should have access to the basic necessities of life. That means food, water, shelter, education, healthcare, and mobility. Doesn’t have to be fancy, but nobody should be hungry, thirsty, homeless, ignorant, sick, Read more

Oct 21

Bravo on the new purchase, the past few years of Honda’s are finally edging out the Siennas in overall quality and styling IMHO (I own a 07 and 11 Sienna.. jury is out on my next van). I feel for you and your wife- the added expense of the conversion is no small thing. Read more

Oct 20

Honk honk! With any luck, I can go a whole six seconds before some NOSCOPE asshole snipes me from the turret.

Oct 20

You got plenty of amps to run a minigun, just sayin’.

Oct 20

Can’t wait to wrap mine matte green and mount a turret in the bed.

You may call me Master Chief.

Oct 20

This makes the cybertruck look like an angular silver turd

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Oct 16

Since high school i dreamt of the z32. Finally got one w/ low miles last month and i cant stop looking at it :stupid drool face:

Oct 15

I agree with this in principle, but as a father of two almost 16-year-old girls, I believe if I told them to drive a Rondo it would be the last time they spoke to me. They might prefer to walk. Read more

Oct 15

Dude needs to keep the Rondo for his daughter and get himself something new. 2008 cars were plenty safe and the Rondo is plenty ugly, so no concerns if she enhances its appearance by cutting it a bit too close in a parking garage. Read more

Oct 15

Please give us a poll to vote on writer submissions so we can figure out how many people have kids that are about to start driving but also need to dig a trench and are also hopefully immune to tetanus.

Sep 24

David, you are one of my favorites on here, and I say this with much love in my heart, but you wouldn’t know trusty if it bit you in the ass. Perhaps you meant rusty?