Oct 21

I am disappointed that no major OEM has worked with Braun to ship a partially disassembled version of a van for cost savings, or at least worked to build in disability considerations into their product lines. It’s something that - given a leadership chance - I would work very hard to get through. Simply unacceptable Read more

Oct 14

Ah yes, I am an abhorrent monster because I don’t want tankie hot takes bundled with updates on new cars

Oct 14

This. This is why I keep coming back to Jalopnik. Because even amid the shit political takes no one asked for, you guys publish interesting, relatable and thoughtful pieces on why all of us are irrationally attached to depreciating metal death machines on wheels

Aug 5

This will make a wonderful compliment to my BMW ///M235i GranCoupe iDrive xDrive - I love cars that honor brand heritage!

Jul 9

basically back in the 90s. The C-HR is the Paseo, this is the Tercel, the RAV-4 is the Corolla, Highlander is the Camry

Jul 7

I mean, yes, that’s how planning a factory works. You shop around for the best deal, and settle where it makes sense the most. Spain’s proximity to suppliers and presumably cheaper labor base all bode well. Best of luck to Ineos wherever they end up

Jun 30

A Camry V6 has the same 0-60 time while getting better real-world fuel economy, using a more reliable conventional auto, and the 2GR-FSE has by now had it’s flaws ironed out. What’s the point of added mechanical complexity if there’s no real-world gain in efficiency or speed? Read more

Jun 30

Erik, you do realize that car shows are the last remaining place where young car enthusiasts can experience a microcosm of the industry in one place? I distinctly remember falling in love with the industry seeing the then-new LS460 self park at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show, and I’m only 25. I’m sure plenty of Read more

Jun 2

I live in Chicago, a few blocks from where the riots reached Saturday. Though it’s scary to see the damage come to close to where I live, I am beginning to understand the systemic pain and heartache that lead to those actions. The fact that we are having these discussions hopefully means that this time, it’s Read more

Apr 16

You saying you studied Costco shows how upper middle class you are - the lack of self awareness I see on here sometimes is astounding. You know who could give less of a fuck about selections and demographics? Lower middle class folks like my mom and grandparents, who immigrated from Ukraine in the 90s. When you Read more

Apr 2

I would build a brand focused on teutonically engineered, high revving naturally aspirated engines - preferably inline sixes for their balance, V8s and V10s. I would then bolster the engines with small battery packs to meet stringent emissions regulations around the world. I would enter this brand to races around the Read more

Mar 5

Very glad someone is putting Deere in their place. I hope this escalates to a high court and sets jurisprudence for generations to come that physical equipment owned (not leased) by the customer is theirs to modify in whichever way they would like. SAAS has already ruined software, and I would hate for it to ruin Read more

Mar 3

Man this is everything I love about CvK’s ethos in one car. An engineer’s car, whose byproduct happens to be a really cool design

Feb 28

for fucks sake throw in an FA24 turbo and be done with it. People are clamoring for performance CUVs, make it a budget CLA45 AMG/SQ5 rival, even mate it to your dumb fuck CVT if you want. It is absurd that this is not yet a product they have

Feb 27

Ford’s issue is incredibly basic. It is failing at car making. I think their long term strategy - focus on electrification, CUVs - makes sense in the broader market. However, when they cut sedans from their lineup, they replaced the offerings with incredibly mediocre product that was not initially designed for North Read more

Feb 6

Pretty good list considering he specified bench seats and a V8. I would only add an ex-cop Charger or maybe even Caprice, might be a grand over budget but much newer than what’s proposed here. Otherwise, Panther all the way. Or, SN95 Mustang