Jun 3

The current Himalayan is a bit of a cult favorite in the ADV world.  The biggest knock is power. A 750 twin should be very popular.

Jan 5 2020

Maybe Mini took a sweep, but a thing is, Vaidotas Žala is not backed by manifacturer. He is a privateer from Lithuania, driving older type of Mini (if I’m not mistaken), so it’s makes his win even more of achievement.

Oct 4 2019

Baja is one of the nicest, friendliest places I have been. I would much rather break down there than in many places here in the U.S.

Feb 12 2019

And he did it with probably 1/3 the power of the Jeep. I used to own an old yota just like that one. They are tough as nails. 

Feb 6 2019

Jalopnik should have a feature where David drives and reviews ONLY appalling shitboxes. With his obsession with rusted out piles of Jeep and his love of taking things apart, we could call it The Automasochist.

Nov 15 2018

If I’m spending $2.3 million on a collection of BMWs, there’s going to be a 507 in it.

Nov 1 2018

So... The last best bmw design was a retro throwback? Nah. The 507 was great design. The z3 was great design. The 2002 was great design. This was a flat in the retro car craze pan

Oct 27 2018

The BMW 507. Add some modern things like better brakes, suspension and the new i6 from the 340... golden.

Oct 26 2018

FJ70 or FJ80 Land Cruisers for me please. They do short runs in Japan still of the FJ70 for all sorts of markets. I wish USDM was one of them!

Oct 24 2018

Really? That’s poor. Then again I look at the ZR2 as kind of an unsuitable platform with add ons to make it competitive. The end result is there, but its not a great place to start from. Like making a good tasting gluten free cake; Im sure it can be done, but it’s a lot easier to start without the “gluten free” Read more

Jun 22 2018

3500 lbs is NOT “reasonably modest”, it’s downright obese for this size of car. The convertible is 3800 lbs (!!), 1500 lbs more than a Miata. Read more

May 11 2018

Or the website could just not have autoplay vids because they don’t want to be shitbags?

Jun 8 2017

The formula is tired and i think they are. The scripting was bad, real bad. The Special Forces episode was so tryhard and unenjoyable. And that goes for most of the season. And then tehre is two reasons it really sucked:

- The American
- Celebrity Brain Crash

Honestly new-new TopGear is better now. While the hosts still Read more

Jun 7 2017

Sky F1 broadcast is the only way to properly enjoy races. NBC can fuck off with their in-race commercial breaks. Fuck that.