11/25/19 9:49AM

Do NOT trust anyone when they said they’ve been “called” about anything. It shows a delusional mentality.

10/25/19 10:49AM

The biggest tragedy in all of this is that they probably won’t be able to find another white heterosexual ivy league finance bro to take Taubman’s place.

10/23/19 7:58PM

very cool we live with millions of fucking lunatics who think shit like this 

10/23/19 1:53AM

Too bad. Because when you mentioned the part about the dog and this hot mom, it sounded like it was going somewhere titillating.

10/22/19 3:16PM

It’s more amazing to me that such a well-researched and thought-out article made no mention of this.

10/22/19 2:07PM

This is a weird thing not to even mention in passing in the article. Seems kind of... relevant to his life?

10/17/19 12:21PM

Silent Violent Haze is also the name of the new Ben and Jerry’s flavor specifically marketed at the lactose intolerant.

10/16/19 9:37PM

I agree. The lack of a minimum wage or workplace safety standards exploits the impoverished, but to legislate those feels paternalistic. The impoverished are just poor, not ignorant, and are perfectly capable of making informed choices. I’m not sure it’s up to “us” to mandate a wage floor or safe working conditions to Read more

10/13/19 12:24PM

It’s Boston. They were already going to piss in their cup and throw it at the ref anyway

10/12/19 6:55PM

C'mon. This guy was a gopher. Both addicts, just happened that the famous one died

5/06/18 6:07PM

I was thinking that he looks and sounds more like a serial killer. He kind of reminds me of Ed Kemper. Though Blankenship has actually killed 3x as many people as Kemper did.

4/01/17 1:36PM

Agreed. I know that having a daughter really made me rethink my pro rape stance I’d held for my life up to that point.