10/28/19 2:16PM

Is it possible that they paid him to secure his allegiance? I assume that kind of thing is prohibited, but then again, who knows?

10/15/19 8:38PM

Here is the thing.. if we’re going to start using Mike Russell as a source of information about Ali, there could be literally dozens of articles written, or perhaps a podcast that was supposed to be released over a year ago.  The consistent delays and excuses on when this or that big scoop is going to be released or Read more

10/08/19 10:20PM

Do you think they will ever let him play again?

9/30/19 11:05PM

the rules are pretty complicated, I’ve seen UFC athletes broadcast breaking infusion rules on social media presumably without realizing it.  He’s not being punished for the grey zone stuff that doesn’t explicitly break the rules. I don’t see anything about TUEs in here.

9/30/19 10:56PM

took long enough for this to finally come down.  I was hoping some athletes would be suspended as well.  Amazing timing, right in the middle of the world championships!  Some of the NOP runners are competing in a matter of hours!

9/25/19 8:25AM

It really takes a lot to get me to root for Jeremy Stephens in an MMA fight, but Yair has done it.

9/23/19 2:23PM

Let’s get a couple things straight, this schools costs more than 56k annually, and is called Avenues: The World School

9/17/19 1:11PM

Why is leaping even a penalty?  It is exciting.

9/11/19 9:03PM

Who is the guy in the picture that seems like he’s taller than Kobe?

8/14/19 2:52PM

I assumed that he had taken a smaller, worse contract to avoid Dolan.  I stand corrected.

8/13/19 3:35PM

I love that this guy’s response is that he thought that was his actual name. lol.

8/09/19 3:41PM

when is somebody gonna do something about that white culture?

8/07/19 3:19PM

It is important to remember that Woody Johnson isn’t by any means constrained to giving Trump some sane amount of money like 5600 dollars.

8/04/19 10:26PM

On an unrelated note, Navy has hired Kellen Winslow Jr. as their new team chaplain.

8/03/19 1:01AM

I think I know what’s going on here, and it is perfectly understandable. Gorka wins a prestigious journalism award, then gets a little too comfortable and loose on the air, ends up farting audibly during his show.