1:17 PM

My parents were idiots when it came to retirement planning and saving for the future. Instead they believed that “God will provide”. I guess I’m God since I’m the one taking care of them and paying all their bills.  Read more

12:24 PM

Has there ever been an instance where something offensive, ignorant, and bigoted was put in the entire context and everyone was cool immediately thereafter? Read more

12:57 PM

My New Year’s resolution was to lose 30 lbs and add $5,000 to my savings. With 99 days left I’m only 36 lbs and about $5,700 away from hitting my goal, so I think it’s doable. 

9:53 PM

To defend Pitt a bit, in that moment it probably didn’t occur to him that there were other women who had gone through abuse similar to Paltrow from that POS.  

9:00 PM

Good for him. The problem with society leaving women to this protector approach is it still centers the men. Women are their wives, girlfriends, sisters, nieces. The violation is not happening to real people, it’s happening to their wards. And if you are not worthy enough to be claimed as some man’s relative, you are Read more

11:54 PM

if you put just enough in there and stir while the spaghettios are really hot from the microwave, it melts and gets gooey. if you do it wrong, it turns into a rock of nastiness surrounded by a sad “tomato” sea

9:49 AM

My trick is always to fill up my wishlist beforehand, and not look at the deals, just my list and see if some are discounted. Worked fine the last time, got a couple items I really needed, with really good discounts :)

11:23 AM

Same! I have my great grandmother’s setting from c. 1918 which I inherited after my grandmother passed. We did have to get a new stone bc the original was given to my shitty uncle to use at some point and is lost to the sands of time/a pawn shop in Connecticut, so we just repurposed a diamond from a necklace my mom Read more

10:01 AM

This isn’t the first case of a YouTube channel person being a monster to their kids, right? There seems to be a trend building. Read more

12:43 PM

I would much prefer the parents of 3-13 year olds to march onto a plane wearing a sandwich board that reads “I’m aware of my responsibility to make sure my child does not kick your seat, throw food, or otherwise disturb you. Please let me know if I’m failing” 

7:13 PM

I’ve heard a similar trick for overcoming writer’s block, which is to intentionally write badly. Overuse adverbs, use grandiose language, start every sentence with the same word, etc. Easy enough to fix that stuff during revision, and it can help you overcome the little voice in your head telling you that you’re Read more

5:23 PM

The brilliance of Ikea is the RANGE. I can buy a $15 cardboard bookcase but I can also buy a $100 one made out of real wood. Either way I’m saving money over fussy furniture store pieces. 

4:46 PM

My nephew still uses the bed set we bought from Ikea 24 years ago. It's not all junk. 

11:44 AM

But now I think that it's the little things you have to look for, because in the day-in/day-out of marriage, the little things add up. Little annoyances like a nail biting habit or leaving filled water glasses everywhere are really easy to overlook during a relationship when the bigger things—the way your partner Read more