Aug 5

My brother’s trick (after a bad college roommate situation) is to apply the peanut butter to the underside of the trigger paddle on the old fashioned wood traps. What I do for the same effect is the plastic Tomcat trap, half-fill the little hole with peanut butter and then smoosh in a Cheerio so that it is completely Read more

Mar 10

My understanding is that it’s more about slowing down the spread so that we don’t overload the health care system’s capacity. If 20% of the population gets rushed to the hospital in the first week, good luck finding a bed! With a more spread-out time frame, we won’t have to build entire hospitals in 1 week like they Read more

Nov 4 2019

That sounds just like my in-laws. Earned six figures, but between foolish spending and unnecessary home improvements, they’re about to retire with a huge mortgage... on a house they have owned for 30 years. Such a shame!

Sep 18 2019

You’re halfway to elotes (Mexican corn): you just need to add mayo, lime, and chili pepper powder to your butter and shaky cheese.

Sep 17 2019

Finishing other people’s sentences. I talk too fast and listen to podcasts and audiobooks at 1.5x speed, so it KILLS me to wait for someone to finish their thought. I start throwing out suggestions (2 or 3 by the time they finally say what they’re saying). I have known how rude it is to the other party ever since I Read more

Sep 12 2019

I’m Mexican and the secret is using whole cinnamon sticks and then removing them when the flavor has infused.

Aug 23 2019

For me, it’s obsessively monitoring my “all accounts over all time” debt graph on Every time I make an extra payment, I look at the bar graph to see how far I’ve come! The middle was tough, but now that I’m nearing the end, my individual student loan accounts have started closing every few months (I had a Read more

Aug 19 2019

Ask your vet for the exact ideal weight and the correct measurement of food. Our vet always told us our dog was overweight but didn’t really specify how much. We put the 35 lb guy on a diet and we were so proud when he lost 3 lbs in one year. At the next visit, they still called him fat! So we asked what his goal Read more

Jun 28 2019

I’ll say Bronze status and partly thanks to this challenge, I am out of revolving card debt! I really was on a treadmill of making big payments and big purchases at the same time. Without the purchases, the payments finally made an impact!

Mar 12 2019

USC is a private school. You’re thinking of the UC system of state schools, but some of them are just as competitive (UCLA and UC Berkeley have a 16% admit rate).

Mar 7 2019

I go home to walk my dog at my lunch break. It can be a drag in bad weather, but I certainly never lose my hour!

Feb 22 2019

That’s horrifying! What if there’s a fire? There’s no way one person could carry out 15 penned-in kids! Wow... I wouldn’t even leave my dog in that situation.

Feb 19 2019

After 6 years, my husband always thinks I’m not going to eat the best part and asks if he can have it! The best bite??? I was saving that!!!

Feb 1 2019

My mom’s rule of thumb was to always carry $20 in cash. I literally never carry more than my 1 quarter for Aldi shopping carts. Every time I have tried to carry cash, the money burns a hole in my pocket immediately and I don’t make it back to an ATM for weeks, rinse and repeat.

Feb 1 2019

Aww, that mental health practitioner sounds like a pro! Good for you for being direct! You definitely saved your friend from something far worse than an interesting story about how he learned he had mental illness.

Jan 30 2019

That sounds like amazing progress and exactly what I want to be able to say by the end of 2019! Keep it up!

Jan 28 2019

Same! I was bummed because I expected to finally kill off my student loans. Oh well... I’m almost there, just no sudden, exciting final payment.