Tommáso della Servo
Monday 1:39PM

You can open it next to the footstool store that I’ve long dreamed of opening, Ottoman Empire.

Monday 12:02PM

Well, they tried some new stuff with the last trilogy and got royally reamed for it.

Monday 9:57AM

Every time I see stuff like this, I get flashbacks to every Halloween growing up when my costume felt SO on point, but mom made me wear a jacket. Read more

6/08/21 10:59AM

Ford looked disturbingly decrepit at the Oscars earlier this year. I’m assuming that there will be many photo doubles and stunt doubles and much CGI correction in this movie. Read more

6/08/21 9:59AM

Triangle-faced monkey”, the best line in cinema history? Nay sir. I say Nay!

6/04/21 10:43AM

She is gay? Nothing in that movie hinted to me that she was anything beyond a goofy film geek ready to go to college. Read more

6/04/21 8:40AM

Part of me thinks these all wouldn’t be such a big deal if they weren’t all so hyped up in the first place. Disney bears a lot of responsibility for this with the entire “First Gay Character!” which is right up there with “Infrastructure Week” and “Bolsonaro gets Covid” in terms of deja vu news stories, but I think Read more

6/03/21 3:38PM

I don’t know what this makes me, but it’s been so long since the marvel movie train has been on the rails, that I find myself MORE curious about how this connects and/or builds the bigger universe AND sets the stage as the beginning of the phase four of the films, than I am for this film itself.

6/03/21 1:16PM

Comments appear to be broken again. I have Notifications about replies to mine or that people have starred them, but when I go read those replies, I can’t see the grey ones at all. That blue line along the side that shows me which of my comments someone starred is also missing.

12/15/19 1:54PM

Update: I watched it. I think the script is really bad, the pacing is odd (the first two-thirds of the movie is flashbacks—about half way in Reynolds says “now that you’re all caught up, suggesting the flashbacks are over, but then they carry on for another half hour), and the characters are somewhat thinly drawn. But Read more

12/13/19 10:28AM

I mean, no that’s not what I meant.  I meant more that this movie seems to be one giant ironic smirk - they know it’s dumb, loud, and offensive to critics, and that’s why they did it.

12/12/19 2:44PM

The director and cast seem to understand that this was basically a meta-exercise in MAXIMUM BAYHEM, which seemed to elude the reviewer.

12/12/19 12:54PM

Couldn’t that apply to Batman too? Or sort of Tony Stark (who’s at least more accountable for his actions in universe by virtue of being known to the public / having infrastructure around his superheroing)
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