Feb 10

anti-semitic, anti-BLM, anti-mask. she said Alderaan things.

Feb 10

His comment on the camera controls also felt a little off to me. Like, the point of the game was that it was giving us a 2D-esque experience within a 3D world, so it makes perfect sense that we’d be given carefully curated camera angles instead of a free-range camera. Read more

Feb 1

Final Fantasy XII is my comfort food, especially now that I have Zodiac Age on Switch. I have a couple of save files specifically set up right before you get the ability to choose your first or second classes (not that it matters now that you can switch classes easily), so I can jump in for a new run of trying Read more

Feb 1

Nintendo is so Nintendo. They sold 22 million copies of Animal Crossing and counting, everyone is dying for an island expanding DLC and more than willing to pay for it, and they literally could not care less. Any other company in the world would be falling all over themselves trying to cash in on a situation like Read more

Jan 27

That’s too bad, there could have been a slight change to a particular song if it had worked Read more

Jan 5

reading some of the comments, i think people are probably looking too deeply into this and assuming a greater master plan to this than their actually is. the most pragmatic explanation of all this - the devs probably looking for an efficient way to fill the game with random, varied NPCs and adapted the existing Mii Read more

Dec 16

At an intermediate stage it looks like the old 1997 Westwood Blade Runner RPG. I kind of like it.

Dec 14

This a must buy for anyone still playing on PS4. I’ve bought one and never regret it once. I’m still hoping for a DualSense 2 with programmable back buttons...

This a must buy for anyone still playing on PS4. I’ve bought one and never regret it once. I’m still hoping for a

Dec 11

I think it’s crucial to remember that here we’re specifically talking about people who were “fans” of a game they’d never played. Being a fan of something you’ve personally enjoyed is a very different territory (and can certainly lead some to go to odd places), but this wasn’t that.

Dec 8

How on earth would this even make it into the film? It’s not funny at all, and if you took a second to think about it, you’d realize there’s a pretty good chance it could be construed as racist, even if you didn’t know the rhyme in question (which I imagine most people in the US wouldn’t, although this may speak to Read more