Apr 17

but govt doesn’t want things encrypted, why would they be complaining that zoom isn’t encrypted?

Apr 17

You know what, teens forcing government officials to pay attention to security and encryption should be given a fucking medal.

Apr 14

Is that from a movie or something?
I didn’t know the Raiders scored points. 

Apr 13

Except it wasn’t a mess from start to finish. It has issues, but it’s a good film overall.

Apr 8

It’s good that he’s finally getting out. I’m not sure why he waited until after Wisconsin voters were forced to stand in line during a pandemic primary or, for that matter, the voters of the St. Patrick’s Day primaries. I mean, it’s not like he and Biden have been actively campaigning for the last two or three weeks—wh Read more

Apr 8

Many still unfairly hold Sanders accountable for Clinton’s defeat in 2016, and his tendency to avoid certain niceties—singing the Democratic party’s praises, buttering up the press—made him an abrasive figure for some. Read more

Apr 3

Manufacturing generally is considered essential in all the states I’ve seen. SpaceX has DOD contracts, so especially in that case.

Apr 2

Focus ST owner here. Besides power steering failure at about 40k miles, it’s been dead reliable up to 140k miles. Still on the original clutch, still on the original brakes! Maybe I’m not having enough fun with it? Read more

Apr 2

If you don’t get to work I might die, so please buy a Corolla.

Mar 31

I should mention that nobody in the house could possibly have heard a Trackhawk start over the sound of my snoring. Sorry, I helped the thieves and I didn’t even know it!

Mar 29

Did they get Musk to design that ambulance and police car? They both have that plain retro 3D boxy look like his pickup truck. Read more

Mar 29

I still think that is Dolores’ father’s pearl in there.  I am almost on Dolores’ side again.