Apr 29

But will he survive prison? Which is where he should be heading for pulling this bullshit.

Apr 8

This whole “this is actually a huge colony of individual organisms working together” thing has always confused me. I mean, I’m a huge colony of cells all working together.

Apr 2

This. And sorry commenters, coming from a family of construction workers and spending some time in the trade there’s a LOT that a van can’t do. But I do love them personally.

Mar 31

Always wondered where the incredibly underpriced new engine for my Tacoma came from...

Mar 31

I live a block from the beach here in San Francisco and there’s an interesting mix of people who’ve lived here 20+ years, less affluent, and startup money. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

The people who live opposite my backyard face the beach and are the last house between the neighborhood and the beach. Read more

Mar 25

Two points that could be considered socially irresponsible; how you interact with others you come into close proximity with on your way there and back (gas stations as others have mentioned), and if you end up needing to utilize emergency services during your trip.

The second point is one that’s being a bit overlooked Read more

Mar 24

You’re right, a Tacoma is not a comfort vehicle. It’s a “get shit done / never breaks” vehicle. The Golf R was pretty quick and incredibly comfortable compared to a Tacoma (though my 2019 Tacoma has almost caught up to all the creature comforts the 2012 Golf R had lol). That being said shit will break on a VW. I can’t Read more

Mar 23

I owned two Tacomas before buying a 2012 Golf R.

I’ve owned nothing but Tacomas since.

Mar 16

Thank you for this recap. This episode’s sound was atrocious for some reason and being dialog heavy I couldn’t figure out wtf was going on.

Mar 10

“any tune or exhaust will cause a vehicle to exceed legal emissions limits”

Not sure what state you live in but here in California you can only install modifications to pollution controlled vehicles if they don’t cause it to exceed legal emissions limits, it’s much more complex than that and incredibly strict. In spite Read more

Mar 10

I’ve always wanted to test how quickly I could high center a truck simply by flooring the gas and digging ruts with the tires.

Mar 9

As someone who’s owned and driven three regular cab, manual transmission 4x4 Tacomas over the past 20 years but had to recently get a damn extended cab since they no longer sell regular cabs yes, there is definitely room for a small, entry-level pickup.

Mar 8

Mine is a bit opposite; I took a 1984 Land Cruiser with zero rust and original paint and introduced enough rust to require a complete disassembly for body work and new paint. Had to sell it instead. Read more

Mar 6

I’m referencing the C7 rendering Jalopnik published in spite of Chevrolet’s pleading not to.