Jul 23

5nm from both TSMC and Samsung are set to be out by the end of the year/early next as well. Apple chips on TSMC 5nm were supposed to start shipping in October, though who knows with Covid delaying a lot of shit.   Read more

Jul 17

Yeah, most likely going that route. What’s funny is that all the HVAC guys, without me even saying anything about it, brought up the MRCOOL and talked about how crappy they were and how quickly they’d die. They didn’t mention that MRCOOL’s warranty is better than the some of the units they offered.  They basically Read more

Jul 14

Surprising omissions here from Enterprise, the show that invented an underwear-only room where characters had to rub each other with lotions.

Jun 28

Seems unlikely if they’re including a USB-C to Lightning cable....but, I’m with you.  I’d much rather have a USB-C port on the phone than a whole box of free adapter cables.

Jun 28

As a member of the iPhone camp, I personally have no issue with excluding the charger or earbuds.  I don’t particularly need or want either really.  Including a USB-C to Lightning cable is a bad sign though.  I really wish they’d just include a USB-C port on the phone instead.

Jun 24

Genre movie roles and you leave out Doc Holiday? Western is a genre. For shame, Eddy, for shame. Read more

Jun 12

“The best thing about this hard drive is that its USB 3.0 port also delivers its power, so there’s no need to find an extra wall outlet.” Read more

“The best thing about this hard drive is that its USB 3.0 port also delivers its power, so there’s no need to find

May 25

The thing with the iPad comes down mostly to iOS and the Apple and ecosystem as a whole but iOS has a lot at play here. Unlike Windows, iOS was designed for the sole purpose of interfacing with a touch screen. Anything short of that will always feel subpar.

May 22

well you are absolutely correct. that would be an unpopular opinion.

May 7

Kids these days sure have come a long way from our 5318008 time. 

May 4

This song was also cut from last year’s adaptation of Cats.

Apr 24

Guys I think we can all agree Victoria’s opinion is extremely bad, but she is SO passionate about it that I felt it required a blog. Don’t worry, as punishment for her bad opinions I’m making her read Gizmodo’s Twitter mentions.

Apr 23

A Werner Herzog-directed Star Wars film would be so good. In fact, if he could just make, like, an in-universe documentary about some weird aspect of the Star Wars universe, that would be awesome.