Oct 26

Found it! It was next to the rack of Girls Gone Wild DVDs! Duh, where else would you keep it?

Oct 9

when you see something in your head, and the internet comes through and makes it real. 

Sep 15

It’s almost as if those products serve completely different purposes.

Sep 14

Ha! Got you! I’m here to feel superior to both sides as they completely fail to understand the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem in opposite ways.

Sep 4

Similarly, most comp-sci programs will work best with a windows or Linux setup. A Mac makes a great dev environment, but you’ll be in the minority on campus and getting help could be harder. Read more

Sep 4

I’d hesitate on the Chromebook recommendation for certain college students. I adored my Samsung Chomebook Pro. It was a marvelous machine, and totally worked for like 98% of the things I needed it to. But it’s biggest hangup (having to use the Android version of Word) would have killed me in college. Read more

Sep 4

Honestly, these days it doesn’t matter very much. If you are in a major that doesn’t require specialized software or technical notation, Google Docs or Office 365 Web Apps are probably good enough. Even if your major is full of mathematics, Microsoft Word is competent in handling technical notation. Word has made vast