Feb 12

The same mythical creature is why we see a distinctive lack of grandmothers or red hoods in the archeological record.

Feb 4

I feel you! I’ve had so many problems with Vizio’s software in the past and yet...I have a Vizio TV again. To answer your question, I had no firmware issues with this particular soundbar testing it with my Vizio TV. 

Feb 3

No mention of the fact that Eddie Izzard was conducting the interview while running a marathon? She’s been doing a bunch of interviews while running for charity.

Jan 20

I can confirm that the 2015 model got the update. It was one of the best impulse purchase I’ve made.

Jan 20

Love they keep breathing new life into this lineup. Hands down the best media player I’ve purchased - and that was quite a few years ago!

Jan 13

This.  I wanted squadrons to be what Tie-Fighter and Alliance were but.... its just not.  The story is so bad, and I every time I play as the rebels its really hard to fight the urge to friendly fire on those dorks from vanguard squadron.  

Jan 11

Indeed, the panel found it difficult to “overstate [their] satisfaction.”

Jan 8

Your inability to notice armed rioters looting the Capitol building, planting explosives, and beating a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher, while committing domestic terrorism in the cause of overturning the lawful election of someone they didn’t like, is emblematic of how “it’s not bad when white people Read more

Dec 28

For me, I was also discouraged by the way it seemed like they were setting up 22 as having a passion for teaching and being a teacher, but then just sorta dropped the ball at the end in a ham-fisted rush to end the movie Read more

Dec 23

They’re them dudes what live for the one and die for the one, right?