Hell, to be a guardian ad litem in states like MN, you don’t even NEED to go to law school! Read more

And Thanks, too, from the OTHER subs, because—since y’all at Oppo were kind enough to share the info about the subs getting shuttered, tge *rest* of the subs have also been able to make sure our backups are up & running smoothly, so that OUR communities can remain somewhat intact, too. Read more

Get a job that doesn’t involve working with the public, get some therapy, and learn how to be a decent person.” Read more

oooh, you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! Read more

Don’t go with the pepper spray—that could be illegal in some places... Read more

.... Paired with an Elizabethan collar, *AND* a Gable Headdress!😆😂🤣 Read more

i inwardly giggle EVERY time i see one of those, or the “Trump 2020" mask-wearers, at the grocery store where i work😆😂🤣 Read more

I’ve been seeing a few “Trump 2020" masks lately, at the grocery store where I work. Read more

Flower might also be putting it in too bright a light... Read more

Generally if someone doesnt like antifa its becacuse they’re pro-fa.” Read more

A squidge further west than you (other side of Lyndale), and SO much, this!!! Read more

Decoded to bring you out of the greys. Read more


In all honesty, aside from the few firebug opportunists in the riot crowd (and those folks ARE few between!), what scares me MOST is the idea of possible conservative assholes with guns showing up to “protest” the riots. Read more

Hell, some of the worst riots in MSP in recent years were over by the U, and were because of sports wins & losses by the U Read more

There IS absolutely a ton of rot within the MPD. Read more