The Very Errant Venture
Aug 11

Well, we don’t have that kind of power! We’ll likely have criticisms of Harris and Biden over the next few months, but Trump getting voted out is our biggest concern right now. Whether we’ll have a legitimate election, however...

Aug 11

Seemed the most sensible choice, especially considering the readiness to govern if something happes to Biden and the fact that Harris polled astonishingly well among the voters. I think only Warren polled better. In addition, she’s apparently been killing at fundraising. I also think she’s a really good balance to Read more

Jun 8

Counterpoint: Republicans have been calling Democrats every name under the sun, yelling death panels this and forced abortions that. If you’re ceding the intensity of language, then you’re conceding the electorate are predisposed to lean towards Trump and need to be fooled or coddled. Read more

Jun 5

Ads would run before Youtube videos asking what people wanted to put on 45's birthday card. I would always say to my screen: Read more

May 14

Imagine expressing how you have learned to cope with your mental health, only to be told you’re wrong because it might not be relatable for everyone.

Apr 9

Exactly! It’s not Rian Johnson’s fault that JJ Abrams thinks you can just dump ideas for a mystery without any plan to solve them until the last minute if at all. It’s like people who go out of their way to blame The Last Jedi for Rise of Skywalkers’ failings forget how Abrams’ Mystery Box works. Read more

Dec 11

The sad thing is at this point the only attitude I have left is ‘good or bad I just can’t wait for this to be fucking over so it will be easier to ignore the people bitching about it’ which, even with the prequels, is never a point I thought I’d hit with Star Wars.

Dec 3

“It causes me no harm or offense that people believe in imaginary beings. Why would it, unless I weren’t quite sure of my own beliefs?” Read more

Dec 3

You got it backwards. Historically, more have killed because of their religion, and more have died because of (not for) somebody else’s religion. Pleading collective insanity solves nothing and absolves no one.

Nov 26

I’m sure this conversation will be wholesome and reasonable.

Apr 21 2017

He could’ve said that it “isn’t necessarily represented accurately” there and been fine. Because there aren’t a ton of TV shows that show how hard blue collar life is. And most often it’s presented within the context of comedy when it is more accurate (Roseanne, Malcolm in the Middle, Raising Hope, The Middle, etc.). Read more