E=MC Hammered
Yesterday 3:46PM

I think this is some of the most under-rated advice ever. The baby can wait five or ten minutes, but sometimes, you can’t. It is just fine to leave them in a safe place for a few minutes while you take a breather.

Friday 2:13PM

Just yesterday I booked a rental for 10 days in Hawaii (Big Island) for next month. We needed seating for 6 + luggage so it was going to have to be a big SUV or minivan. The quotes were - no kidding - more than the DEN - KOA plane tickets for 6 people. Think $2500 for 10 days. Read more

6/07/21 4:00PM

I had a similar conversation with my son when he was about 7, but when he asked if can he say a bad word he knows he let “holy motherfucking Jesus” fly

5/26/21 5:48PM

The number of varieties of mustards, vinegars, and hot sauces in my house are epic. KetchupCatsup has it’s place but, I’m not grabbing for Ketchup when I’m whipping up a sauce or a salad dressing. For lunch today I made a lovely lime/dijon/rice vinegar/garlic chili marinade from some red snapper. 

5/23/21 7:55PM

I can’t even begin to tastualize that. However, I’ve got all the ingredients and it sounds fascinating.  Thank you - I’ll try it this week.

5/22/21 8:17PM

My ex had a friend that had to have ketchup on EVERYTHING. We started calling her an autocondimentor. I have a thing about grilling steak and have a very special technique and, bear with me, make a damn fine steak, damn fine. My ex invited her friend over for steak dinner one night, bit she told me that I would need Read more

5/21/21 7:28PM

Which drink?  Cynar lives in a single drink for me, but a favorite. A Triden - equal parts Cynar, Aquavit, dry Sherry, dash of peach or orange bitters.

5/18/21 10:20AM

I don’t think he was sneaking around with the tacos, because then I would have smelled it on him. This makes me even more concerned. Is he even the man I married? Has he... dare I say it... has he been replaced by a robot?!?!

5/11/21 7:48PM

While your list of things ketchup is okay on is definitely longer than mine, I agree. What grosses me out about ketchup comes down to volume and application.

As for the mustard thing, I don’t understand disliking all mustard when they can be so different. I understand not liking some. Honey mustard can sometimes be Read more

5/11/21 7:13PM

I was just surprised to find a mustard that was truly & completely off-putting, given how I’ve always been a mustard fiend. At the age when most kids are using fries as a ketchup delivery method, I wanted nothing but salt & tons of yellow mustard on them.

5/11/21 3:51PM

When I was in 4th grade there was a boy who put mustard on his french fries (and maybe pizza?) and kids teased him, calling him the Mustard Man the rest of the school year. His family moved to Indiana after that- perhaps not related to the nickname. All the same, it made me hide my love of yellow mustard for at least Read more

5/06/21 2:05PM

Just don’t expect it to have things to do. Also expect that people will HATE you for not being local no matter how long you live there. They’ll be nice to you but they will not actually like you. Read more

5/03/21 4:46PM

If you ever find yourself in Neptune NJ, hightail it over to Kelly’s Tavern for a Reuben that will knock your socks off.  Open face, piled high with corned beef, sauerkraft, Russian and about a two inch thick coating of melted swiss.  It’s the standard by which I measure every Reuben I’ve ever had. Read more

4/30/21 6:36PM

I don’t think I’ve ever seen deviled eggs on a menu, nor would it occur to me to order them. They strike me as strictly party food, whether made by the host or the caterer.

4/30/21 6:32PM

I used to work with a guy who said if there were deviled eggs, he could tell if the rest of the food would be any good or not by their quality. That probably doesn’t work for most restaurants, unless they’re part of the buffet, maybe? Read more