Jun 22 2019

Fuuuuuuuuuuck UConn. It was their greed and lust for bigtime football that killed the OG Big East. They made their basketball fans watch games on TV against Tulane, Tulsa, and East Carolina instead of being able to make quick trips to Providence, St John’s, and ‘Nova to see their team in person against actual rivals Read more

Jun 12 2019

“I understand there’s a goal differential race in this tournament. I understand they’re nervous about drawing Sweden later in the tournament, but this was disgraceful from the United States. I would have hoped they would have won with humility and grace, but celebrating goals eight, nine, ten the way they were doing

Jun 6 2019

This dong was on the first pitch after the basketball game went to half-time. I flipped the channel to see if the baseball game was still going and this was what I saw.

Jun 6 2019

That’s true.  Most other teams don’t have the best shooter on the planet and two other all-starts suiting up for them.

May 30 2019

Predatory pricing has been legal forever, or at least as long as the government doesn’t give a shit who suffers when the worst types of greedhead capitalism runs amok.
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May 29 2019

The dude sailing out of the picture after almost being elbowed by the ref is clearly the play of the day.

May 20 2019

All I ask is that the Deadspin staff to refer to him as “Rob Lowe cosplayer Rob Pelinka” from now on.

May 16 2019

Exactly, and many others that did trying to battle it out with the rich clubs. You don’t want to have Premier League or La Liga or Serie A sides with bad finances just because they got too much debt trying to compete. 

May 16 2019

FFP was instituted to stop clubs like Atletico, Napoli, PSG, Chelsea, Benfica, Dortmund, Leeds, Fiorentina, Lazio, Roma, Parma etc. from going bankrupt, which all either did or nearly did. It has nothing to do with protecting “old-class rich clubs”.

May 16 2019

So the rules are unfair, Man City still broke them by lying, forging documents and acting above the rules. I have no sympathy for them.

May 12 2019

The Sixers absolutely crapped themselves down the stretch and ended multiple clutch possessions without even getting a shot up.” Read more

May 12 2019

The best part of this whole thing is how absolutely furious Skip Bayless is right now. 

May 12 2019

Rooting for Man City and their ownership is like rooting for the Yankees if they were owned by Dick Cheney.  Amazing what dirty money can buy you.

May 9 2019

Yea, those automated vehicles are so efficient, they need no maintenance. Even if they do, they will just tell you that 15 years from that point, they will have robots capable of doing all the maintenance, so just stick with us.