1/07/21 3:30PM

Easily the most offensive part of all of these social media platforms doing this NOW is that they felt it somehow meaningful to WAIT until he was CONFIRMED VOTED OUT to do ANYTHING about it. It really does go to show how fully they are willing to undermine fundamental human rights just for a quick buck. Death to Read more

11/12/20 12:23AM

You have to realize that we’re not going to get back to normal until almost everybody complies with guidelines, and everybody gets the vaccine when it comes out. The vaccine that surely thousands if not millions of stupid southerner conspiracy theorists resist against. I would honestly not be surprised if we’re Read more

11/09/20 4:05PM

My apologies. I misread series as game. I couldn’t play the third season as I didn’t have anything that could play it, so I don’t know how the series ends. I was referring to the first game.

11/09/20 2:20PM

Apparently Skunkape bought the rights to all three of Telltale’s Sam and Max series, so here’s hoping for more down the road.

11/09/20 2:03PM

Skunk Ape is releasing this one. Company is owned be Dan Connors, one of the founders of Telltale. 

11/09/20 11:37AM

Well, Johnny Depp did get fired the other day...from a Harry Potter franchise movie, no less.

11/08/20 9:43PM

Many things things were kick started and it is definitely not in large cause of the “political climate”. SHOUT OUT to EIYUDEN CHRONICLES.

11/08/20 6:39PM

I’d imagine they’re also ignoring the fact that the IP owner has fallen out of public favor lately due to her unpopular stance on transgender issues and her insistence on continuing to spout them at every opportunity. Read more

11/07/20 5:59PM

Thanks for the win Zack. Sorry for the torment, but as they say (for reasons I’ve never quite understood) sometimes you must face your fears head-on! Think of my image as a strange kind of catharsis. Read more

11/07/20 12:25PM

“Huh. I boot into Windows, but all I’m getting are images of mice and belly rubs.” :)

8/26/20 9:40PM

Hah! You obviously haven’t been shopping since Covid-19; did you not notice what happened to the cleaning products in March?

12/13/17 5:22PM

She gave a concession speech, as is traditional. Any idiot knows or can look that up in seconds. WTF?