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 700,000 followers about the “social conditioning” experiment run by the Clintons and a very dead Jeffrey Epstein to forcibly turn American children into trans people

I have a cousin who is anti-vax and doesn’t believe in evolution, but she and her husband relied HARD on IVF and other fertility treatments to get pregnant. How do I tell her she can’t pick and choose which scientific advancements to fall in line with? Read more

Having been down the rabbit hole once, and please goddess, never again let me assure you that anti vaxers blame their own childhood shots for everything from their bad hangovers to their fibromyalgia. Read more

Jenna Jameson

“We think the child has been killed but, alas, it was Cara who killed the bounty hunter instead.” Read more

That lasts all of 60 seconds. A group of nasty looking, dog-faced Klatoonian raiders quickly storm into the peaceful village, shooting blasters, raising hell, and stealing the Sorgan’s food.
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So cool!

Technically we’re between ice ages, iirc.  If yall really want to argue this, Earther still exists and their commentariat will school all comers.
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Plant based “meats” are not good for you, nor is going vegetarian or vegan going to save the planet. The only diets that have the carrying capacity to not cause mass starvation are omnivore diets. Do we eat too much meat? Yes. Is no meat the answer? No. And some overly processed sludge turned into a “veggie burger” is Read more

A whole lot of effort went into fixing those problems. We changed emissions requirements, outlawed use of CFCs, and wrote new software to handle dates correctly. I have to give you the scare over another ice age was a complete error. Read more

If only I was from an uber wealthy family with tons of connections so my parents could have solidified my talentless hack of a musical career like this person and others. If only. Read more

Scientologist are allowed to lie about being members, so this is par the course for these fuckers.  Read more

You’ll read those headlines you want once conservatives stop pretending climate change isn’t real. Read more

I am talking about her friendship with a man who, just to start off with, misled us into a war costing 100,000+ lives and who oversaw a program of torture. Do I need to keep going, or would you like to continue with the misleading characterization of my comment? Read more

King Princess: “Don’t just make me out to be a queer singer” Read more