Why the asshole snark? I see its of comments about it and no answer yet. Read more

I mean, you basically already rent clothes from them, don’t you? Read more

have you considered actually reading the sources you have supplied? Read more

We think the child has been killed but, alas, it was Cara who killed the bounty hunter instead.” Read more

Bullshit. Didn’t he fire his old bandmates and hire a crew of Scientologists for the last handful of records? Read more

Wait, you don’t think there were racists on that episode? Read more

Whoever the hell thought it would be awesome if Fallout Boy did the theme song deserves to be boiled in their own spit. Read more

Yeah, they should get back to making dozens and dozens of westerns like back in the good old days... Read more

Can we talk about Ben Mendelsohn’s speech issue? I find it extremely distracting. I realize this probably makes me an asshole. Read more

Son? The tough guy that peaked in high school / JV football coach thing doesn’t work online. Read more

That’s right! Go after his looks! Read more

Weiner’s work is pap. Awesome that she mobilized her fans to attack this person. Jesus. Read more

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Mendelschon schlursh everything he schesch. Read more

Hold up - if you try and lose, you are a lose. Read more